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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarah Palin Will Announce Her Candidacy On Feb 6th 2011 In Tampico, Illinois

Sarah Palin will announce her candidacy for President in Tampico, Illinois (or maybe Dixon or Eureka) on February 6, 2011, Dutch Reagan's 100th birthday. That is not just my prediction/fantasy; others thought the same after her Wednesday address in Chicagoland's suburban Rosemont, where she unabashedly took charge of the then erupting Highland Park school debacle.
Palin fired up the Chicago crowd, citing Ronald Reagan as a driving influence in her life and political career. […]
A Palin announcement on the Gipper's 100th birthday would be that day's Alaska-icing on the Conservative cake. Statues of Ronald (Dutch) Reagan will be unveiled in London, U.K., and in Tampico, Ill. The Tampico statue will be erected in Reagan Park across from Dutch's Diner (best pies in the Midwest). Lowell Park will install a replica of Dutch's lifeguard stand/chair where teen-aged Ronald Reagan saved 77 lives as the lifeguard on the Rock River's right bank, notching his log-chair for each save. Eureka College, Reagan's alma mater, will conduct a program reflecting on his Midwestern roots and values.
The Gipper's big 100th birthday falls on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/6/11! Parties everywhere! What better day for Sarah to announce her candidacy!
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  1. Here's hoping she wins in 2012! Who knows what the godless communists could do with another four years in office!

  2. >>Who knows what the godless communists could do with another four years in office!<<

    Bwahahahahaha!!! That's a good one!

    Oh, you were serious?

    Off your meds again?

  3. LOL @ rr-agnarrok! Nice attempt at trolling. It's not like the country was in perfect harmony after 8 years of shrub and his amazingly low approval rating!

  4. rr-agnarrok, will you have my babies?

  5. To Obama Ass Clowns:

    You voted for the massive, massive DISASTER obama. Your opinion is a huge fucking joke & if your still in the obama camp you need to ask yourself:

    How much do you hate America?

  6. If you want to bash Sarah Palin 1st look at her 16 year record of executive experience!

    I also believe Trig Palin (her son with down syndrome) would do a much better job than the muslim communist America hater obama!

  7. Oh, how the internet brings out the best in all of us. "My opinion > Your opinion" which is pretty much the adult version of "nyah nyah nyha".

    Obama Haters, Palin Haters, Gore Lovers, and Beck Followers...

    We're all in this together, but I realize that we're all too busy trying to point fingers... blame... anger... at each other. We, the people, got ourselves to this point at society. Be it through apathy, greed, or misguidance... it's going to take all of us to even assure ...our survival as a species, let alone what idiot we let "steer" the ship.



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