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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dr Drew Praises Sarah Palin's Parenting

Dr. Drew Pinsky had accolades for both Bristol Palin as a mother and her parents Todd and Sarah Palin on the job they did raising Bristol.  Dr. Drew rubbed elbows with Bristol during a Candies Foundation event to raise awareness about the consequences of teen pregnancy.  ”Less than 2% of teen moms ever finish college, and 80% of the dad’s take off. Every day 2000 teenagers become pregnant. We need to do better, and Bristol has been working with The Candies Foundation to help get the word out and educating and empowering young women to not become a statistic.”
Here’s what else he had to say:
“Bristol was fantastic. She is clearly a mother. Her parents (Sarah and Todd Palin), have handled it just right. Take the Palins’ politics out of it — they have done a remarkable job with Bristol. She is very poised and clear on who she is. She doesn’t apologize for who she is. Bristol is taking a sub-optimal situation and reaching out to her peers and trying to educate them about teen pregnancy.”

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