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Thursday, September 23, 2010

(Video) Sarah Palin on Greta: Rise of Christine O'Donnell & Joe Miller

Sarah Palin on Success of Tea Party
Former Alaska governor discusses rise of Christine O'Donnell, Joe Miller

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sarah Palin, Dick Morris & Michael Reagan To Kick Off Newsmax Webcasts Assult on Dems Oct 12 to Election

Join “Make America Great Again”  Featuring Sarah Palin.
Mark your calendar for: Tuesday, October 12, 2010
On Oct. 12, you will begin a journey with a webcast event featuring an exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin. The journey will continue right through Election Day — Nov. 2.
Special participants will include Fox News analyst Dick Morris, famed political commentator Michael Reagan, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, and a powerful lineup of America’s most informed and influential experts.
Sign up for “Make America Great Again” (Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Campaign Slogan) to discuss the issues that affect your family, your country, and your very freedom . . .

Monday, September 20, 2010

UK Independent: President Sarah Palin, It Could Happen

Speculation that she will run for President in 2012 is reaching fever pitch. But what do those who watched Sarah Palin grow up make of her meteoric ascent – and ruthless ambition?
Should she run for president in 2012? Sarah's mother, Sally, doesn't hesitate. "It would be a tough thing to do," she starts to say, until Chuck interrupts: "It's up to her, whatever she wants to do." Sally, in a green zip-up sweatshirt, continues. "I love what she's doing now: scouting around for who would be good candidates, who honestly could stand up and speak and not be afraid to tell it like it is."
They don't know her plans, the Heaths are quick to add, in their first national interview in over a year. But "it would be fun to find out some day", Sally says, with a contagious laugh.
In other words, Sarah's parents seem to feel the way a lot of Alaskans feel about the state's best-known export, next to oil and salmon: torn over the wisdom of her trying to make the White House her home. […]
"Four years ago, right after she was elected, I was quoted as saying, 'The graveyards of Alaska are covered with the bones of people crossed by Sarah Palin.' While I said crossed, what I meant was underestimated," said Alaska Republican pollster David Dittman. "And that's still true. Consistently, whether it's the local city council in Wasilla, no matter where she's gone – say, on the cusp of achieving something – there've always been detractors that say it can't happen, it won't happen, this is why she won't be successful. That's why I will say, to this day, the political graveyards of Alaska – and other places – are filled with the bones of people who underestimated Sarah. And it's still happening."
Adele Morgan, one of Palin's oldest friends in Alaska, can attest to that. She recalls approaching Palin in 2005, when she first heard that her childhood pal and basketball buddy was running for governor. "I had heard that just from the grapevine so I went and asked her," Morgan recalls. "I thought that was quite the feat at the time. And I said, 'What are your plans?' I was just kidding around and I said, 'So do you want to be president?' And that was way back then and she said, 'Well maybe.' And I was like, 'Wow you got some goals there, girl!'" […]
She doesn't spend nearly as much time there as she used to amid her speaking engagements, book tours, and appearances for midterm candidates across the country. (Indeed, until her endorsement of insurgent candidate Joe Miller in the state's GOP Senate primary, who nosed out incumbent Lisa Murkowski, Palin's influence had not been felt much at all since she resigned the governorship in 2009.)  […]
Palin's foray this summer into the Alaska Senate race left similarly bruised feelings, exacerbating a long-running feud with the Murkowski family which has divided the state's Republican ranks. It started when former senator Frank Murkowski bypassed Palin when, upon election as governor, he decided to appoint his daughter to fill out the remainder of his term in Congress. Palin returned the favour by ousting Murkowski in the GOP 2006 gubernatorial primary. The fighting continued this summer, when Palin's decision to back Joe Miller helped propel him past Lisa Murkowski for the GOP Senate nomination. […]
Ms Mansour: "I've worked for her for over a year, and I have not seen any mean side to her. She's not mean like that. I don't get that criticism. She's always been very kind and considerate with me."
In smoothing over some of these rifts, Palin's parents are a great asset. Monegan, the ex-public safety commissioner, says he hasn't had any contact with Palin or her inner circle. But last winter, he ran into Chuck Heath at a dinner celebrating Alaskan seafood. Heath ran over to Monegan and gave him a handshake and hug, telling him: "That's just politics. I still like you." Heath even went over to Monegan's table to meet his family and regale them with stories of his daughter's book tour. […]
Chuck Heath says his daughter has been busy this summer working on her show for TLC, Sarah Palin's Alaska, and gave a glimpse into what it will look like. He went caribou hunting with Palin and the TLC team and his favourite episode was their gold-mining adventure, he says: "The people in Nome treated us so well and we found not a lot of gold. But enough gold to make it interesting."
The Independent: Madam President? It could happen By Shushannah Walshe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(Video) Sarah Palin Rallies Thousands at Baylor University & Vitae Foundation, Kansas City

Governor Palin yesterday electrified an audience of over 5,000 with her her pro-life message at a CareNET Banquet in Waco, TX, according to a Central Texas Now report. "Her speech started and ended with a standing ovation, and she stopped for applause many times in between," the article stated. 
She said that "progressive" feminist groups with their pro-abortion message do not empower women, rather hold them down. She discussed living her pro-life values under less than ideal circumstances, conceiving and giving birth to Trig, who has Down Syndrome; and Bristol Palin's pregnancy during the 2008 campaign.

Sarah Palin Addresses Crowd At Baylor University’s Ferrell Center

Vitae Foundation, Kansas City, KS

Sarah Palin told a Kansas City audience Monday night that she knows what it’s like to “lose hope” when confronted with the impending birth of a special-needs child.

In an intensely personal 47-minute testimonial to the Vitae Foundation, an anti-abortion group, the former Alaska governor claimed 85 to 90 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. […]
At a critical moment, Palin recalled hearing a whisper from the Holy Spirit, “just asking me, ‘Are you going to trust me? Are you going to walk the walk, or are you just going to talk the talk?’  Palin, 46, said she thanked God for Trig’s birth because it “reaffirmed and strengthened my unwavering support for life at every stage.”
“Choosing life may not always be the easy path, but it is always the right path,” Palin said. “God does see a way where we would think there is no way. And he does not make mistakes. […]
But there was one exception: She acknowledged Jacob Turk, the GOP nominee for the 5th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.
Palin said Turk had given her a business card that said elected officials must “listen to all, lead with integrity … and champion opportunity. That’s leadership, not politics.” “I love that motto,” Palin said. She talked briefly about the growing influence of the tea party movement across the country and complained that the mainstream media were seeking to undermine the movement’s momentum.
She also mentioned that she had recently gone hunting in Alaska and still had caribou blood under her fingernails. “We eat, therefore we hunt,” she said quoting a hunter’s motto.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Christian Science Monitor: Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck In AK: Testing The 2012 Waters?

Kingmaker, powerbroker, digital celebrity – by whatever name, and there have been many – Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin herald the dawn of a rising phenomenon. Their ability to use virtually every form of new and old media, from television to Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, to reach large audiences in the service of personal yet political messages is something new on the political landscape, say many political strategists and historians.[...]
Such powerful “candidates without portfolio” are truly a creation of today’s hyper-media-saturated communication landscape, says branding expert Mark Stevens. “We’ve never had people as powerful as Beck and Palin who aren’t politicians with complete access to the entire country every day,” he says. “Who can we equate them to? Nobody,” he says. “It’s a unique phenomenon.”
While Palin ranked first in a July Gallup poll of top Republican presidential candidates, at 76 percent, her – and Beck’s – real motivations are less clear, says political scientist Stephen Medvic, author of the 2009 book “Campaigns/Elections: Players and Processes.” Running for president is much dirtier and less financially rewarding than what either of them is doing now, he notes. [...]
Both Palin and Beck are in a wait-and-see mode, says Jerry Kremer, a 23-year veteran of the New York State Assembly and founder of Empire Government Strategies, a political consulting firm. “Beck is a work in progress, testing whether or not he has the power to influence the national debate,” he says. Palin “takes the oxygen out of every other candidate by her charisma,” he says. “She can take a walk around the block and get media coverage.”
The midterm elections will reveal what kind of base Palin would have to tap in a future presidential run, Mr. Kremer says, suggesting that her endorsements are like money in the bank. “Politicians are all about who owes who what,” he says, “and if the people she endorses win big, then she will have a wide net of people to tap when it comes to the necessary organizations to run a national campaign,” he says. "Right now, though," he says, "I don’t see her building the kind of foot soldiers that would involve.”
However, social media is a potent indicator, says Sherrie Madia, author of the upcoming book “Social Media Survival Guide for Political Campaigns.” [...]
“... it certainly bodes well for any potential candidate to have established bandwith long before any official announcement is made,” she adds.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sarah Palin Post: Obama & Staff Should Be Embarrassed About This

What is wrong with President Obama and his staff? He gets what he wants and then the first thing he (and / or his staff) does is insult. Go figure.  Bully? or Leader?  Is that really the way to govern?
Republican Leader Boehner says he may vote for extension of the Bush tax cuts that exclude the wealthy (which is what President Obama wants) and what does the White House do?   The FIRST THING the White House does in response to this news is go on attack.  (See below.)
I thought President Obama was looking for help for his policies and seeking bipartisanship -- instead he is escalating the war with the Republicans.  This was so dumb to do (see below.)  He should have embraced the opportunity for agreement.  Is this about leading or winning?
When will President Obama learn that leadership is different from campaigning?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sarah Palin Post: National Review Discusses Garbage Reporting From The AP on Sharron Angle

I’ve just read a lil’ article from The AP, and would like to comment. The article begins, “Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle’s conservative views on illegal immigration and her limited outreach to Hispanics have done little to endear her to Nevada’s largest minority group.”
I love that “conservative views on illegal immigration.” What would those be? That it’s illegal? […]
The AP article talks also about Angle’s “limited outreach to Hispanics.” Hmmm — maybe she considers them Nevadans and Americans? Is that too radical? Racist? When she talks about, for example, slimmer government, education reform, and entrepreneurship, she is not saying, “Except for Hispanics, of course: I mean for everyone else.” Come on. If you want to live in the Balkans, move to Montenegro. (Gorgeous place, by the way. Taylor ’n’ Burton used to play there.)
Then we get this: “‘For me, she is scary,’ said Esperanza Montelongo, a Reid supporter who hosts a Spanish-language political radio show in Las Vegas. ‘She is anti-anything Latino.’”
Oh, Angle is anti-anything Latino, is she? Would that include her own grandchildren and daughter-in-law? […]
Finally, the article says, “GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval also could prompt some Hispanics to cross party lines and vote for Angle. Sandoval appears poised to become the state’s first Hispanic governor, although his conservative positions on border security issues disappoint some Hispanics.”
Yeah, those “conservative positions” again. (I imagine Sandoval favors enforcing the law, which of course makes him a Brownshirt, at best.)  […]

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sarah Palin Endorsement: Delaware U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell

The wave of positive change can really sweep across our land with the election of Constitutional Conservatives who promise to use common sense and rein in the federal government spending! Please support Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. She will support efforts for America’s energy security, patient-centered health care reform, cutting government waste, and letting the private sector thrive and prosper! We can’t afford “more of the same” in Washington. Christine will help usher in the real change we need to get America on the right track. Please visit her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

- Sarah Palin

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sarah Palin: Happy Rosh Hashanah

As Jewish families gather to celebrate the New Year and a new beginning marking the Day of Creation, I want to join them in praying for a good and sweet year ahead. This day marks the beginning of a period of reflection and repentance. It is a time to remember our responsibilities to our families, our communities, our country, and our world.

This is also a time to remember who we are as Americans and our responsibilities to help our friends and allies as they seek peace and security. The people of Israel have overcome so many challenges, taken so many risks, and made so many sacrifices in the pursuit of peace and a better life for their children. This New Year begins with a new hope for peace, but the threats to Israel – and to us – have not gone away.

These are challenging times as Iran continues to work on building a nuclear weapon, Hamas attacks innocents on the eve of peace talks, enemies refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and even in Europe and the United States we hear voices from those trying to delegitimize Israel.

To our Jewish friends and neighbors on this Rosh Hashanah, may you be inscribed in the Book of Life. And for our friends in Israel, know that the American people will continue to stand with you in this New Year as you strive for peace and security.

Shanah tovah u'metukah.

- Sarah Palin

Monday, September 6, 2010

(Video) Week In Cable News Discussing Gov Sarah Palin

Fox News September 5, 2010
Panel Plus: 9/5 Minute 3:12
'FNS' panel on Tea Party, midterm election

Fox News September 4, 2010
This Week on 'Fox News Watch' Minute 0:32
Reaction to president in prime-time

Fox News September 4, 2010
Second Break: 9/4 Minute 0:54
Vanity Fair's latest hit piece

Fox News September 3, 2010
Skype Gripe: Vanity Fair vs. Sarah Palin Minute 0:12 & 1:15

CNN September 2, 2010
Sarah Palin, you're no moose-hunter? Palin unloads on reporter. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

CNN September 2, 2010
A Vanity Fair writer followed Sarah Palin for several months and offers an unseen look inside her life.

MSNBC September 3, 2010
Sarah Palin Hits The Media Below The Belt

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

MSNBC September 1, 2010
Sarah PalinTo Headline Iowa Fundraiser

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Friday, September 3, 2010

Human Events: Fear of Sarah Palin Exposes Feminists as Useful Idiots

The other day I was busily fomenting extremism and evil by home schooling my child and I ended up having to take a break in order to partake in an even further act of extremism: Telling the Truth. […]

The two alleged writers, Anna Holmes of Jezebel and author Rebecca Traister, started from the premise that the left needs a “Palin of their own.” As usual for the left, everything is boiled down to gender identity politics. However, they failed miserably at their goal, due to being the perpetual victims that they are. Instead, they only exposed why leftist feminism is not only unnecessary, but also unwanted.
Let’s break down their idiocy, shall we? See, I’m willing to offer a dose of reality in response to each of their delusions. I’m good and helpful like that because, as a conservative, I believe that charity begins at home. The intelligent-deficient need aid, too.
From the start, the authors exposed their true agenda. A Palin of “our” own. Everything is about the collective with the left. They fail to realize that Sarah Palin is an individual. A person. And individuals support her, for various reasons, none of which have to do with her fancy womb. Rather, they support her for her conservative principles and her willingness to take on issues head on, without couching them in politically correct and “let’s all get along ” meaningless rhetoric. She stands up for things, unlike the current President (who never stands up for anything.) Admittedly, it is hard for him to stand up, because he’s usually too busy bowing down.
The authors further exposed their own sexist beliefs by saying that Sarah Palin was “chosen by Mr. McCain’s campaign strategists as a cynical rejoinder to the ill-starred presidential bid of Hillary Clinton.” Oh, yes, McCain chose Palin as a “cynical rejoinder” and so that he could attract disgruntled Hillary supporters. Funny, but I don’t remember any articles saying that Obama picked Biden as a “cynical rejoinder.” Nor to attract old white plagiarists with doll hair. […]
That ends now. Women everywhere, in all walks of life, are fed up with leftist feminists. We are sick and tired of how they claim to speak for women, all while pushing agendas that are in actuality harmful to all, including women. Sarah Palin, on the other hand, epitomizes what feminism once was before the word was bastardized beyond all recognizable meaning by the left: the true empowerment of women as individuals and not just gender identified focus groups. Feminism is neither needed nor wanted on the right because the right already practices that.
You, Holmes and Traister, will never have a “Palin of your own” because you don’t understand that concept. Nor do you understand the concepts of freedom, individuality and true empowerment. You can keep Steinem and her ilk.
I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it; women need feminists like fish need bicycles.  That’s your legacy, Gloria Steinem.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

(Audio) Gov Sarah & Bristol Palin Discusses Endorsement Victories on Hannity Radio + Bob & Mark Show

Governor Palin On The Sean Hannity Show

Sarah Palin on the Bob and Mark Show

Bristol Palin on the Bob and Mark Show

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