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Saturday, April 30, 2011

(Video) Palin: With All Due Respect ‘He (Obama) Does Not Know What He is Doing When It Comes To Energy!

Sarah Palin Blasts Obama's Energy Policies
Apr 29, 2011 - 10:20 - 
Blames president for soaring oil prices

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Townhall Mag: Sarah Palin Punks Harvard

Will Sarah Run?
Townhall May 2011
I’ve been saying for several years that if all we get out of a bunch Harvard trained politicians is massive debt and no jobs, we ought to turn the economy over to a few  graduates of smaller, lesser known schools.

I mean, just exactly how much education does it take to screw up the economy this badly? Maybe we should try a few pounds less education and an ounce more common sense. 

Sarah Palin lacks the elite-school pedigree that seems to be habitual for people who know better than the rest of us. What she has though, is a lot of common sense.
The New York Sun pointed this out over the weekend. 
"The big question as Chairman Bernanke [a Harvard graduate] gets set for his first quarterly press conference," wrote the Sun on its editorial page on Sunday, "is how Sarah Palin was able to figure out sooner than everyone else that the Federal Reserve’s campaign of quantitative easing wouldn’t work."
Not content to leave it at that, the Sun twisted the knife a bit with specifics:
“'We don’t want temporary, artificial economic growth brought at the expense of permanently higher inflation which will erode the value of our incomes and our savings,' the [Wall Street] Journal quoted Mrs. Palin as saying. 'We want a stable dollar combined with real economic reform. It's the only way we can get our economy back on the right track.' Now here is the New York Times quoting a raft of economists who have reached the conclusion that Mrs. Palin’s warning was right down the line."
Let's call quantitative easing what it was: A gamble by the Obama adminstration  using money on another stimulus program that Congress wouldn't give him in order to save/create one job- his own.  
"Sarah for the Fed?" the Sun asks.  Why not?   We have done worse.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter From Sarah Palin & Family

Easter is the celebration of what hope really means. In Jesus’ triumph over death through His Resurrection, we believe that death was defeated and hope became the expectation of eternal life with God.
Hope is the great driving force in many of our lives, and it has been the driving force in our country’s history. America has always had a strong sense that God’s providence is abundant, that no challenge can ever be too great and no enemy too strong. It was this hope that inspired us to carve a nation out of the wilderness, to appreciate opportunities to responsibly utilize nature’s resources, to engineer skyscrapers towering over our gleaming cities, and to fly to the moon.
As a country and as individuals, we can always have true hope to guide us. Our best days remain ahead of us. And working together we will leave this country to our children a better place than we received it from our parents.
On this blessed day let’s remember our Lord’s sacrifice that led to the Resurrection; and from the whole Palin family, have a wonderful Easter!
- Sarah Palin

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Townhall Cover: Will Sarah Run?

(Video) Rush Limbaugh & Mark Levin: 100% In The Palin Camp! Support Grows!

Rush Limbaugh - Sarah Palin Is Taking It To Obama What Is So Hard About It

Mark Levin - Sarah Palin Has Been Battling The Same People That Trump Has Been Funding

Mark Levin - It's Cold It's Wet And There Are Thugs All Over The Place, Sarah Palin Is Tough

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hot Air Pres Straw Poll (7,222 Votes): #1 Palin, #4 Romney, #7 Bachman, #8 Trump & #10 Huckabee

I’m going to start off with the Presidential picks even though it’s secondary to our main purpose, and then get to the nitty gritty in the rest of the data. As always, contact me if you have questions or comments; the number of approaches I could take to highlight the data are nearly endless, so tell me if you have a particular wrinkle in mind. 7222 readers participated in the survey.
Sarah Palin once again leads the Primary race among Hot Air readers. She is again followed by Herman Cain in second. Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels take third and fourth place respectively, while Mitt Romney leads a very tight pack of Rand Paul and Michele Bachmann, in fifth.

The Hill: MSM Hopes She Will Not Run! What Part Of “Going Rogue” Don’t They Understand?

When Sarah Palin went to speak at the Republican convention two years back, a hurricane came in and shut it down. But I suppose it was just a coincidence that hundreds of tornadoes swept across the South when she gave her Wisconsin speech last week. Something to watch, like the apocalypse. When I was raising my kids there in lower Appalachia, apocalypse was well on the minds of the local radio preacher shamans in the mountains and in the serpent-handling so-called “primitive" churches in the hollows, and without question it shadowed the judgment of the born-again George W. Bush and what might have been called then the “GOP establishment.”
Sarah Palin used the phrase “GOP establishment” in her April 15 speech in Wisconsin, and incidentally, she has also redesigned her website,, to look more presidential. What with all the excitement with The Donald and tornadoes where they have never gone before, it might have gone unnoticed. The MSM, which she has promised not to goad again, breathes a sigh of relief that the storm has passed and Donald Trump is more fun to play with anyway because he lives in New York and is no real threat. But her speech was more than a speech: It was a manifesto. A few phrases:  […]
“We didn’t elect you just to rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking Titanic. We didn’t elect you to just stand back and watch Obama redistribute those deck chairs. What we need is for you to stand up, GOP, and fight. Maybe I should ask some of the Badger women’s hockey team — those champions — maybe I should ask them if we should be suggesting to GOP leaders they need to learn how to fight like a girl!”
The words “courage” and “solidarity” occurred throughout and the speech, which in my impression seemed cleverly modeled on one by Lech Walesa given in the rise of the Polish anti-communist Solidarity movement in 1980, which took even leftist New York City by storm.
The MSM thinks now she will not run for president. What part of “going rogue” don’t they understand?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Governor Palin: Happy Passover

Tonight is Passover, the Jewish people’s celebration of their deliverance from bondage and their Exodus to the Land of Israel. Passover contains poignant spiritual and historical meaning for Jews, but it also reminds all of us of mankind’s universal aspiration to be free from bondage and oppression. Today, in the same region where the story of Exodus took place, Arabs suffering under despotic regimes are seeking their own freedom and self-determination. As Jews in Israel, the Middle East’s only liberal democracy, gather for Passover, we hope for the spread of freedom and peace throughout the region. On this Passover holiday, our family sends our best wishes to the Jewish community. Chag kasher V'Sameach. Happy Passover. And next year in Jerusalem.

- Sarah Palin

Thursday, April 14, 2011

(Video) Governor Palin To Speak At The Capital Building, Madison WI - Tea Party April 16th -

Americans for Prosperity, The Founders Compass: Sarah Palin to speak at Madison tea party 
- April 16th 2011 -

Matt Seaholm 608- 658-2312
Nancy Mistele 608-575-8589
MADISON, WI - Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will deliver the keynote address at the Madison Tea Party.
On Saturday, April 16th, Governor Palin will rally tea party patriots from throughout Wisconsin at the state Capitol in Madison to celebrate past victories and to protect Wisconsin's future. Joining Governor Palin will be talk show host James T. Harris and John Fund columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Fund is an author, pundit and columnist who pens the weekly "On the Trail" column for
The April 16th Taxpayer Tea Party in Madison will feature:
Sarah Palin - Former Alaskan Governor, VP Candidate, pundit, author
John Fund - The Wall Street Journal
Tony Katz - Pajamas Media
James T. Harris - talk show host
Chuck Day - vocalist
Nancy Mistele - The Founders' Compass
Matt Seaholm - Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin State Director
Vicki McKenna - WIBA/WISN rock star of radio
Meg Ellefson - Wausau Tea Party
Kim Simac - talk show host, Northwoods Patriots
Tiger & Shannon Heberling - Stood up to union threats
Nancy Milholland - Racine Tea Party
Ross Brown - We the People Madison chapter
The Wisconsin State Director of Americans for Prosperity, Matt Seaholm, says he is excited Governor Palin will be attending the tea party on Saturday.
"Governor Palin is a strong voice for taxpayers and for reforming government to make it more accountable," Seaholm said, "She doesn't pull punches and is one of the most influential and followed commentators in politics today."
The Founders Compass is an online resource for tea party members to organize, inform and reach out to other patriots. Additional information on the event can be found at TEA Party rally on April 16th. Registration and transportation can be found by visiting the website of Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sarah Palin Muhammad Ali & The Rope-A-Dope Technique

Made Popular by boxing great Muhammad Ali
The rope-a-dope is performed by a boxer assuming a protected stance, in Ali's classic pose, lying against the ropes, and allowing his opponent to hit him, toward the end that the opponent will tire and make mistakes which the boxer can exploit in a counter-attack. In competitive situations other than boxing, rope-a-dope is used to describe strategies in which one party purposely puts itself in what appears to be a losing position, attempting thereby to become the eventual victor.
I believe this is the position that Sarah wants others to believe she is in. The position of non-candidate.
Lots of people will say Sarah has too much to lose if she runs for what? A Fox contributor position, it's not like she has her own show. A book?...but wouldn't she have more books to write as the first woman major party candidate for President?
Lets see, go down in history as the United States first woman President who saved America, or maybe get a couple million more worthless federal reserve over-printed dollars?
They say that Sarah does not want to lose her status of being in the public eye, and that's why she is holding out saying she will not run - really? So..........she is all over the map right now then, ha ha funny. That means that once she says she's not running, it will be all over for her, if you believe that theory.
Bottom line, is that it is the perfect time for Sarah to run for President. She will run against a weakened Obama, who really only barely won in enough states to beat meager John McCain.
Sarah Palin keeps telling congress NOT to RETREAT, Sarah Palin is not going to retreat either.
She's already preparing to run for POTUS and the GOP nomination.
Roping the Dope, Palin style.
Palin 2012

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Heroes Among Us & Shabbaton (Jews4Sarah) Benefit Dinner w/ Governor Palin -April 29th-

Join us for "Heroes Among Us" featuring keynote speaker Gov. Sarah Palin and special guest Lila Rose. Governor Palin will speak about the heroism of motherhood and how to empower women to make the courageous choice for life. Sarah is the mother of five children and the grandmother of one. Sarah's oldest child, Bristol, experienced an unexpected pregnancy and Sarah's youngest, Trig, has Down Syndrome. Lila Rose founded Live Action when she was 15 years old and has exposed abortion facilities nationwide for alleged illegal activities.  
The dinner is scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2011 at the Bethesda North Marriott, 5701 Marinelli Rd ., Bethesda MD, Bethesda, Maryland (map).  Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and the dinner begins at 7:00 p.m.
Heroic Media is a faith-based non-profit that reduces abortion by helping women who face unexpected pregnancies learn hopeful alternatives through mass media advertising.
Individual tickets are $250 for General Admission to the dinner plus service and handling fees. Tickets are available through ExtremeTix' Click 'N Print.
If you wish to purchase tickets by check, please send a check payable to Heroic Media with "DC HM Benefit Tickets (or Sponsorship)" in the  memo area and specify the number and level of tickets required to:
Heroic Media
ATTN: DC Benefit
11615 Angus Rd., Ste. 102
Austin, TX  78759

For security reasons, we must have the names of all your guests by Wednesday, April 27, 2011. Please e-mail your guest names to: Thank you for your support!

Cost  & Includes
♦ Sponsorship — $500
• Two reserved seats to the dinner event.
• Listing in event program.
♦ Friend — $2,500
• Two tickets to a private reception with Governor Sarah Palin.
• Table Host includes 
10 reserved seats to the dinner event.
• Listing in event program.
• Opportunity to take a 
keepsake photo with Governor Sarah Palin.
♦ Principal  —  $5,000
• Four tickets to a private reception with Governor Sarah Palin.
• Table Host includes 
10 reserved seats to the dinner.
• Listing in event program, signage and social networking event site.
• Opportunity to take a 
keepsake photo with Governor Sarah Palin.

♦  Champion  — $10,000
Six tickets to a private reception with Governor Sarah Palin.
• Table Host includes
20 reserved seats to the dinner.
• Listing in event program, signage and social networking event site.
• Opportunity to take a
keepsake photo with Governor Sarah Palin.
• Opportunity to have a
personal memento signed by Governor Sarah Palin.
Podium mention as event sponsor.
Public Relations partnership that may include special recognition at a Heroic  Media Leadership Event.
♦  Hero  — $20,000
Ten tickets to a private reception with Governor Sarah Palin.
• Table Host includes
30 reserved seats to the dinner.
• Listing in event program, signage and social networking event site.
• Opportunity to take a
keepsake photo with Governor Sarah Palin.
• Opportunity to have a personal
memento signed by Governor Sarah Palin.
Podium mention as event sponsor.
Public Relations partnership that may include special recognition at a Heroic   Media Leadership Event.
Private meeting with Governor Sarah


DC Elitist Ridicule Fuel Palin's Faithful Base

Get Involved ==>
It's not easy being Sarah Palin. Just ask her. On any given day, the former Alaska governor is busy punching back at liberal elites, media elites, Hollywood elites, GOP elites, and conservative intellectual elites for attacks real and imagined.
Not since Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew— who sneered at "the effete corps of impudent snobs" who criticized their administration — has a major American politician been so fueled by resentments. PALIN's fans love her feistiness and embrace her persona of embattled heroine.  (One admiring conservative journalist titled his 2009 book, The Persecution of SARAH PALIN: How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down a Rising Star)
But for the conservative evangelicals who make up her base, PALIN's brand of politics holds a special appeal. They, too, have felt mocked and derided by mainstream elites and culture. And the roots of their resentments go back nearly 100 years to a court case that captivated the nation. [...]
A triumph of science over faith
A new breed of secular journalists, led by H.L. Mencken, joyfully mocked the religious "yokels" and "hookworm carriers," and newsreels carried Darrow's demolition of Bryan to Americans in movie houses across the country. In the popular memory, the Scopes trial stood for the triumph of science over faith.
When President Obama said in his inaugural address that his administration would "restore science to its rightful place," the approving roar of the crowd indicated that this cultural divide is still with us. The bitterness and distrust sown among evangelicals and fundamentalists during the Scopes trial never faded. If anything, the gulf between religious conservatives and mainstream society widened. […]
Given this history, it's not terribly surprising that PALIN spends much of her time in a fighting stance. No slight is too trivial to merit a furious response from PALIN. In late March, she blasted the conservative news outletThe Daily Caller for not doing more to highlight a lengthy statement she had insisted be tacked onto an article for which she commented. She's fond of invoking the term "lamestream media" to mock the journalists she thinks blatantly misrepresent her. And she is locked in a tussle with leading conservatives who have accused her of "playing the victim card."
All of which is of a piece with the way evangelicals chafe at their coverage by the elite news media. They still routinely cite a 1993 Washington Post article that described them as "largely poor, uneducated and easily led." It's the kind of unthinking ridicule that reinforces their perception of cultural isolation.
And it's all the ammunition a politician such as PALIN needs to attract evangelical voters to her victimized everywoman candidacy.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Video) Governor Jesse Ventura on CNN: 'Sarah Palin Will Be President'

Former WWE star and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura has predicted that Sarah Palin will win the US presidency in 2012.
Palin has yet to formally declare her candidacy for high office, but Ventura predicted to CNN that starring in her own reality series Sarah Palin's Alaska was the first step in the former governor's bid for the White House.
"They're grooming her for it, she's got a TV show," Ventura said. "It seems that elections today are more popularity than they are substantial issues."
The WWE Hall of Fame inductee further expressed his belief that Palin will be easily manipulated by Washington DC power-brokers if she were to defeat Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential race.
He added: "[Palin would] be perfect. She's the type of person that certainly will be controlled by the status quo and the power structure. So she'd make a perfect candidate for them, she'll do what she's told."


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hot Air GOP Primary Poll: Governor Palin Dominates Again!

After casting almost 7,000 total ballots — a new high — Hot Air readers have again made Sarah Palin their top choice for the Republican nomination for President. Palin took 33% of the vote, followed by Herman Cain at 11%, Mitt Romney also at 11%, Tim Pawlenty at 9%, and Rand Paul with 7%, only a few dozen votes ahead of Michele Bachmann.

Remarkably, despite the big volume differences in our monthly polls, the percentage breakdown from month to month hasn’t moved around wildly, with 1.) distinct trends developing for some candidates and 2.) generally reasonable voter realignments as candidates enter and exit the field.

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