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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US Media: Ugh!, Uh what?, RW Conspiracy, Worst Dancer Foreign Media: Like Mother, Bristol Wins Over Public

Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol won through to the final of hit US show "Dancing with the Stars", buoyed by public support in defiance of judges' skepticism about her dance floor talents....As her mother continues to shine in the political spotlight, the 20-year-old is enjoying the media limelight generated by her unexpected success on the hugely popular TV talent show.
Palin was again ranked last by judges in the semi-final of the show, in which celebrities partner with professional dancers, but voting by viewers pushed her score with partner Mark Ballas up into third place.....Like her mother, Bristol is a hit with the public despite experts' scorn, in what some commentators say could take the younger Palin all the way to the top in next week's final.
"Bristol will now go on to win the whole shebang. She doesn't deserve it. Everyone knows it, even, I suspect, the people who keep voting for her," predicted Lisa Gutierrez on the Kansas City Star newspaper's website.
Bristol's success comes as her mother, the former governor of Alaska, solidifies her own life in the spotlight with her own reality show launched at the weekend, fueling speculation about her 2012 White House plans....Of her latest television triumph Tuesday, one blogger commented on the website: "She could win this thing, and here's why -- the power of the American voter."

Who will make the final threeeee? Please don't be Bristol, please don't be Bristol, please don't be Bristol. It's so going to be Bristol....  They're now asking Bristol why she thinks she should be in the finals. She says it's because she started with no experience. Yawn. Bristol, get a new line.....Mark says Bristol has great legs and footwork, Derek says she needs more emotion...I'm still thinking about what Mark said. Hmm. Hmm! 
Hmm...behind the scenes footage of Mark and Bristol. Mark says, "I love you" before their waltz. Hmm. Bristol's high school alter ego is now about to come out. Recalling how the judges have faced them pretty much every week this season, she curls her lip and mocks the panel by saying, "That wasn't that good, I was bored."
Now it's down to Brandy and Bristol. Maks is hip thrusting Brandy as they wait for the results. Mark looks like he's going to pee his pants......And....the lowest combined total is...Brandy and Maks. Bristol is safe?? Uh, what? Derek's mouth is hanging open in shock, kind of like mine. Aw, Brandy is crying into Maks' chest as they watch their "journey" tape.  Bristol is toast next week, at least we have that.
Although she's received some of the lowest judges' scores, the younger Palin has moved into the semi-finals. Is a "right-wing conspiracy" fueling her run?......Another week, another Dancing With the Stars controversy: Despite a "dismal" samba this week, plus a history of "underwhelming performances" and low scores from the judges, Bristol Palin has advanced to the show's semi-finals on the strength of viewers' votes, which ultimately decide the contestants' fates. Have Sarah Palin's supporters mobilized to make sure Bristol keeps dancing, or are fans connecting with the young mother in a more bipartisan way? 
This is Sarah Palin's influence at work: "You betcha" that politics are fueling Bristol Palin's implausible momentum, "DWTS" is one of the most popular shows among Republicans and "Palin's supporters have used social media to get out that vote." 
She doesn't get the highest scores. She's not the biggest celebrity. Yet she's in the top four on the hit ABC show. Do politics play a role in Bristol Palin’s endurance on this season of Dancing with the Stars? You betcha....The abstinence advocate – who was seen in a Tea Party t-shirt during one rehearsal – didn’t improve with this week’s dismal “insta samba.” But it was erstwhile NFL quarterback Kurt Warner who got the hook. 
Conservative radio host Tammy Bruce has led a Twitter campaign to get fans to vote for “Team Ballin” as Palin and her partner Mark Ballas are known. On Monday, Bruce tweeted: “Operation Bristol waltzes in tonight! As #DWTS starts vote at Tweeps pls tweet phone info, will RT.” Bruce only has a little over 14,000 followers, but the ripple effect on Twitter is well-established.
There are also multiple Palin fan sites including and her own Facebook page that urges users to “vote for Bristol the pistol.”......On Wednesday, the Yahoo Twitter page said Palin had “received 10X more searches on Yahoo! Than Jennifer Grey this week." Grey has consistently scored higher than Palin.
The elections may be over, but the political battle for America's soul continues to rage -- on the dance floor. As Jimmy Kimmel observed to newly eliminated prime-time hoofers Kurt Warner and Anna Trebunskaya on Tuesday night, "There's something weird going on with 'Dancing With the Stars.' Is there a Tea Party conspiracy?"
Palin, the rhythm-challenged, occasionally gorilla-suited "teen advocate" has arrived dead last on "DWTS" the past two weeks, yet keeps coming back for more like Freddy Krueger in cha-cha heels. How can she keep bombing out and still remain to samba another day? ....First, they went after healthcare reform; now they've got Brandy in the crosshairs.
The folks at Dancing with the Stars are kidding about Bristol Palin, right?.....I watch that show religiously — yes, I will admit it in public — and she has to be among one of the worst dancers they have had. I mean, she tries, yes, but Ginger Rogers she ain't. In previous seasons she would have been the first or second person eliminated, with good reason. She can't dance.
Anna Chan writes: Considering the results and shocking eliminations these last few weeks on “Dancing With the Stars,” perhaps Tuesday night’s results weren’t really that big of a surprise. Why? Because once again, Bristol Palin outlasted a competitor who is infinitely more skilled and interesting on the dance floor. Ugh!....Instead, viewers will get to watch Palin bumble through a freestyle dance on her way to claiming the mirror ball trophy.
Yep. I’m calling it for Palin. Who cares if she forgets more steps during the finale performances? She’s already done that several times this season, and each time, people vote her through to dance again. So what if others have been eliminated for smaller infractions? Palin’s relatable, by golly. Viewers see themselves in her. Even if the “teen activist” falls flat on her face, I bet whoever’s voting will still back her to win the season....So sure, Brandy can cry on national TV. Jennifer Grey’s pro partner, Derek Hough, can leave his jaw on the floor. Judge Bruno Tonioli can keep declaring, “I’m so disappointed!” This season’s going to Palin.  (Please please please prove me wrong, “Dancing” fans! Give the mirror ball trophy to Kyle Massey! I’m begging you!)

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