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Monday, September 13, 2010

Sarah Palin Post: Obama & Staff Should Be Embarrassed About This

What is wrong with President Obama and his staff? He gets what he wants and then the first thing he (and / or his staff) does is insult. Go figure.  Bully? or Leader?  Is that really the way to govern?
Republican Leader Boehner says he may vote for extension of the Bush tax cuts that exclude the wealthy (which is what President Obama wants) and what does the White House do?   The FIRST THING the White House does in response to this news is go on attack.  (See below.)
I thought President Obama was looking for help for his policies and seeking bipartisanship -- instead he is escalating the war with the Republicans.  This was so dumb to do (see below.)  He should have embraced the opportunity for agreement.  Is this about leading or winning?
When will President Obama learn that leadership is different from campaigning?

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