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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sarah & Todd Palin Talk To Reporters On The Red Carpet At Time 100 Gala

Pundits (Carville & Jeb Bush) Pick Sarah Palin For 2012 Presidential Bid

Bay Area, CA - Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin stands good odds of being the Republican nominee for president in 2012, according to two of the nation's top political strategists who visited the Monterey Peninsula on Monday.
"I think she loves it," said popular television commentator James Carville, noting that he is willing to bet that Palin's enthusiasm for the political spotlight carries her to the GOP presidential ticket. Later asked about Sarah Palin, Carville responded: "I'm struggling to say something nice about that woman."[…]
Jeb Bush, "You need to go seek knowledge. You can't just be set in your ways" The world is really complex," he said. "If (Palin) does that along the way she'll be a formidable candidate."
Bush said the emerging conservative tea party, for which Palin has become the torchbearer, had no "five-point" plan to improve the country. But he credited the movement for taking on American politics and exposing the frustration many have toward Washington.  "In the end, their participation will be healthy," he said.  […]
Last weekend, (Bush) he stumped for California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Bush and Carville addressed the issue of partisan politics at Monday night's lecture, something they both acknowledged that afternoon was a problem.

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