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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is It Legal? Megyn Kelly Takes On Sarah Palin's New Neighbor Joe McGinniss

(Videos) Weekly Lamestream Media Attacks On Governor Sarah Palin

I would like to thank the Lamestream media for assisting us Sarah Palin supporters in making The Governor into a National Hero! Thank you and please keep the attacks coming!

Is Palin playing loose with the facts?

Sarah Palin’s Father: Sarah Doesn’t make decisions

Sarah Palin Footage Rolls During Lindsay Lohan Story on MSNBC

Lefty Magazine Publisher Can't Contain Anti-Palin Acrimony

MSNBC's David Shuster Rips Sarah Palin for 'Dem Hit List'

Governor Sarah Palin vs Gibbs

MSNBC Anchor Touts Journalist Who Compared Palin to Larry the Cable

(Video) Beck on Sarah Palin's Neighbor McGinniss & Boycott Random House

Joe McGinniss Contact Information:  7 Pine Tree Circle, Amherst MA, 01002. (413) 230-3064.  Joe bid over $60,000 on an E-bay auction to dine with Sarah. He obviously dislikes her a lot, read here: Sarah Palin Bus Hoax

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