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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sarah Palin: Obama Agenda Is “Backasswards”

An ON-THE-MONEY comment by Sarah Palin on Sunday.  Sarah Palin said Obama is imposing a “backasswards” plan on “the country we love,” and defended Nevada Republican Sharron Angle after the Senate candidate aiming to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was criticized and mocked for her position on Social Security by Obama this week.
“LasVegas RJ editorial recaps Obama lecture 2 Runnin’ Rebs,” Palin wrote to her 187,000 followers on Twitter Sunday morning, referring to the president’s speech in Las Vegas Thursday night and using the name of the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ mascot — the Running Rebels — to characterize to his audience.
“He’s got most disconnected, backasswards plan ever imposed on the country we love,” Palin said of Obama.
Palin was following up a tweet linking to a scathing editorial in the Review-Journal that blasted Obama for his criticism of Angle on Social Security Thursday evening at a fundraiser for Reid. The editorial also said Obama has offered no alternatives to fix the problem with entitlement programs that are on the path to insolvency and is running the economy into the ground with anti-business measures.
Top White House spokesmen David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs were on the defensive during Sunday morning’s talk shows, following a week in which questions about whether Obama is anti-business hit the mainstream.

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