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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(Video) Sarah Palin On Fox Business: Jerry Brown Will Spend Spend & Spend, Obama Disingenuous

America's Nightly Scoreboard w/ David Asman: Sarah Palin on Super Tuesday Winners

America's Nightly Scoreboard w/ David Asman: Super Tuesday's Real Winners

2012 Draft Sarah Committee June 2010 Newsletter

2012 Draft Sarah Committee
Newsletter                                         Vol 2 Issue 2
Chairman's Corner - Randy Highsmith
There are many so called "experts" out there who have already decided Governor Palin is not going to run for President in 2012.  I think they have forgotten that she is not a typical politician; she does things her way and in her own timing.  Just because she has not done some of the "normal" groundwork for a run does not mean she has ruled it out.  In fact, I have seen and read on several occasions where she has said she would consider a run if it was right for her family and right for the nation.  So don't let those voicing such opinions discourage you, keep pressing forward until our goal of having Governor Palin as our nominee comes to fruition.
Be sure to visit and sign the petition showing your support of Governor Palin's upcoming Discovery Channel Documentary on Alaska.  The Left is trying to pressure Discovery Communicationsinto not airing the program.  Let David Saslav of Discovery Communications know you support their decision to run the documentary.
Our committee has elected two new members to the Board of Directors as a result of two resignations.  Board MemberDavid Kelly, co-founder and Treasurer of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, is stepping down at the end of the month to concentrate on issues and campaigns in Colorado.  He will remain our Colorado Organizer.  Also, due to her hectic schedule, Board Member April Moore has stepped down from the Board.  She will remain our Alaska Organizer.  We elected Rachelle Friberg, our San Diego, CA Organizer and Martha Cano, our Corpus Christi, TX Organizer to fill those vacancies.  Martha was appointed as our new Treasurer and will take over those duties July 1st.  In this issue we are spotlighting Rachelle and will spotlight Martha in next issue.  Welcome aboard, Rachelle and Martha.
We have released three promotional videos "summoning" Governor Palin to run in 2012.  Below you will find the long version.  We have 30 and 60 second versions as well, and those can be viewed at our YouTube page,  Be sure to share these videos on FacebookMySpaceTwitter, and your blogs.

OUR NEW PROMO & SUMMONS to Governor Palin

If you can not view the embeded video go to

   Organizer Spotlight - Rachelle Friberg
Rachelle Friberg is a San Diego girl and a patriotic American at heart!  She graduated from San Diego State University in 2005 where she studied English and Journalism. She also has a Master’s Degree in English. Prior to the 2008 Presidential Election, she was never really into politics. Rachelle voted, but that was about it. The election of 2008 changed everything for her. When Senator John McCainselected Governor Sarah Palin, she immediately viewed her as a role model, a true modern-day feminist. Governor Palin is the epitome of this female: strong, sincere, classy, intelligent and graceful. Rachelle says, "I have heard individuals describe her as a modern-dayMargaret Thatcher or Ronald Reagan."  She has inspired Rachelle to get involved politically.
Rachelle began to look at politics with a fresh perspective, and she found that she could not get enough of it. Soon after the election, she created her blog, Conservative Girl with a Voice:  She became involved with the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee as the San Diego Organizer.   She put her background in journalism to work by becoming a political correspondent for a variety of radio shows around the U.S. Furthermore, Rachelle is also co-host of The People's Post Live, a political radio show that helps to promote Governor Palin and spread the conservative message, and she writes for the Palin Twibe and the Sarah Palin Internet Coalition. Recently, she was asked to begin writing for Smart Girl Politics and Smart Girl Nation.  Radio Talk Show Host and Palin Supporter Tammy Bruce has featured her blog on her site.  Rachelle is also helping her good friend, former Conservative talk radio host and great friend of the Palin family,Eddie Burke, with the press aspect for his campaign for Alaska's lieutenant governor. 
In her spare time—when not working at La Jolla High School with her dad, a teacher, and immersed in all things politics—she loves to spend time with her family, friends, and her Malitichon, Beau.  Rachelle also loves spending time in the outdoors at her family's cabin in the Sierra Nevadas hiking, swimming, sailing, fishing, and kayaking. She is an outdoors girl and a sports lover.  You may contact Rachelle at
Don’t Forget To Add Your Name To This Petition

In the News and some suggested reading...
We, the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee and our Media Rep, Adrienne Ross were mentioned in this article. Also our buddy Oliver Ditch was mentioned.
Be sure to visit Governor Palin's Facebook page for the latest on her "notes" and other opinions.  That page can be found at:
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