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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

(Local News Video) Sarah Palin Speaks At Boston Tea Party Today (Watch Live Video Stream, 2 options)

Live Video Stream Link:

Boston, MA -- Sarah Palin will be in Boston on Wednesday morning as part of a Tea Party rally.
Crews began setting up for the rally Tuesday on the Boston Common."I'm excited about it. She hasn't been in Massachusetts in awhile. She's my hero. I've seen her several times before. I'm just enthralled that she's coming here," said Amelia Bosley, who will be attending the event.
Palin will be the keynote speaker.
The conservative event is lead by a group called the Tea Party Express. The day is expected to feature patriotic music, a raffle and various speakers.
Palin was in Louisiana last week, where she was a keynote speaker at another conservative convention.

At that event, she gave solutions to our energy problems and the economy. She criticized the Obama administration for increasing government spending and weakening our defenses. She also told the people there they'll have the opportunity to change the way the country is run when they vote this fall.
Tens of thousands are expected to come out to listen to Palin speak and several other speakers.  
Her speech at the rally is planned for Wednesday at 10:40 a.m. will stream the speech live.

Boston, MA
Wednesday, April 14th at 10:00 am & Sarah Palin at 10:40 am
Rally Location:
Boston Common
Charles Street at Beacon Street
Boston, MA
Special Guests:
Michael Graham, 96.9 Boston Talks
Jim Martin, 60-Plus
Victoria Jackson, NBC’s Saturday Night Live
Jim Labriola, ABC’s Home Improvement

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