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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Magazine: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin

The liberal Joe Klein, of Time Magazine, actualy has an interesting theory on the appeal and the sagacious Sarah Palin.  I only posted the non-ignorant theory which compares her appeal and political instincts to that of Bill Clinton:  It's Her Party: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin
"How's that hopey-changey stuff workin' out for ya?" Sarah Palin asked the anti-√©litist Tea Party √©lites — those who could pay $549 for a ticket (liberal lies -tickets were actually $349 to see Palin) gathered in suffocating self-righteousness at the Opryland Hotel on the first weekend of February. It was classic Palin, a brilliant line, brilliantly delivered: she does folksy far better than George W. Bush or any of the other Republican focus-group populists ever did. It was the signature line of her speech, which rocked the joint — and then, slowly, began to rock the national political community. The speech was inspired drivel, a series of distortions and oversimplifications, totally bereft of nourishing policy proposals — the sort of thing calculated, carefully calculated, to drive lamestream media types like me frothing to their keyboards. Palin is a big fat target, eminently available for derision. But I will not deride. Because brilliance must be respected, especially when it involves marketing in an era when image almost always passes for substance.
I have a theory about Bill Clinton: his philandering worked in his favor politically, especially with a demographic chunk that usually shies away from liberalism: American working guys. […]
Palin hits the same mystic chords as Clinton. A woman who goes to war against the 19-year-old boy who knocked up her daughter and then posed for Playgirl is far more comprehensible to most Americans than deficit spending is. In her Fox interview with Chris Wallace the day after her Nashville speech, Palin said she'd been focusing more on "current events" since she quit as governor of Alaska. She quickly corrected herself and said "national issues," but she probably shouldn't have: current events is American for "policy." It is the high school term of art for the hour each week when students are forced to study the state of the world. Palin's great strength is that the vernacular, rather than focus-group language, is her default position. At the end of the interview, Wallace asked what role she wanted to play in the country's future. "Well, first and foremost, I want to be a good mom," she replied. And then, in closing, Wallace asked, "Can I get a 'You betcha' out of you?" […]
But is Sarah Palin the favorite to win the Republican presidential nomination and therefore someone to be taken absolutely seriously? You betcha.
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