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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Defeats Obama By Electoral College Votes Of 282 To 256

Even Sarah’s most ardent supporters sometimes tell us “there’s no way the media is going to let her win”.  Unfortunately some conservatives voters have the mindset this is true. Polls specifically written to Sarah’s detriment are repeated constantly to create the impression she is terminally ‘divisive’  ‘not qualified’  or ‘weak with independents’.  All those make for good headlines from liberal media sources but are virtually meaningless in the real word of politics. […]
The Electoral Votes allotted to each state will change significantly in 2012 due to the census and will favor Palin.  This is subject to review, per the census totals, but projections of gain and losses are as follows:
+3: Texas
+2: Florida
+1: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Utah
-1: Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania
-2: New York, Ohio […]
Let’s look at the most likely path to victory and the one that was evident in the week following her selection as VP candidate prior to the economic collapse in 2008.  The map will you show you the colors and the outcome of Palin winning back:  Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado & Nevada for an electoral victory of 282-256.
Governor Palin could lose either Colorado or Nevada and still win.  Ohio would remain the key but the ‘Obama Economy’ has driven that states unemployment rate through the roof.  It will be a battle but Palin can win there in a traditionally GOP state.

Rasmussen: Sarah Palin Endorsement Of Nikki Haley (SC Gov) Catapults Her From Last To First

With South Carolina’s Republican Primary for Governor less than three weeks away, State Representative Nikki Haley, coming off a fresh endorsement by Sarah Palin, now leads the GOP pack.
A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary voters shows Haley earning 30% support. She’s followed by State Attorney General Henry McMaster who picks up 19% and Congressman Gresham Barrett with 17%. Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer captures 12% of the vote. [...]
Haley, who trails the other three Republicans in fundraising and has long been viewed as the underdog, already had the support of popular former South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford. But on Friday she was endorsed by Palin at a widely-publicized statehouse rally. Primary turnout is always unpredictable, but the high-profile endorsement is undoubtedly good for Haley’s name recognition, especially among a conservative electorate with a strong Tea Party tinge.
Haley, in fact, now has a slightly larger lead among conservative GOP voters than she has among Republican voters in general. Women voters are nearly twice as likely as male voters to still be undecided, and several political analysts say the “rock star sisterhood” of Palin and Sanford could be a big boost for Haley’s bid to be the state’s first woman governor.

What Rasmussen did not poll or look into is the lack of any jump in Nikki Haley’s numbers after Romney’s endoresment! 

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