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Monday, April 12, 2010

Sarah Palin 100% Presidential & Ready, Where is Mitt & His RomneyCare?

Despite all the fundraising Governor Palin has done for conservative candidates and causes, there are still those on our own side pushing the meme that while she's dead right on all the issues, she's somehow not ready yet to run for president; that she's not doing enough or saying enough to be a considered a presidential candidate. One prominent Republican strategist recently claimed she hasn't yet "transitioned herself into a presidential candidate". What the hell does that mean? What does she need to do to make that transition? She's the only one out there taking the fight to Obama. If not for her, cap and tax and health care both would have passed last summer and Obama wouldn't have walked back his idiotic idea to change 60 years of successful nuclear deterrence strategy.
First, where was their favorite candidate, Mitt Romney, in the fight against ObamaCare? Oh yeah, there's this. I guess maybe it would have been better for Romney if Ted Kennedy wasn't the first person he consulted when crafting RomneyCare. But beyond Mitt Romney, where were any of the other would-be presidential candidates when we needed someone to take on Obama and inform the country about what was at stake with ObamaCare or, for that matter, cap and trade? While Governor Palin has been leading the fight against Obama, Mitt Romney hides in the shadows doing really important "insider stuff" like sending a front group, Evangelicals For Mitt, to purchase votes in a straw poll. (Evangelicals For Mitt? Hmmmm.) When will Romney appear at a Tea Party? Or Pawlenty? Or even Newt, who just likes to "meet" with the Tea Party leaders. […]
Next, have these people read her Facebook Notes or the articles she's published in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and National Review, among others? Have they actually listened to what she's said? She's been just as articulate as Mitch Daniels (George Will's latest flavor of the month). She's made the same points as Krauthammer. How is she uninformed or unread? I can understand people not looking at her as a presidential candidate because they're not sure if she's running, but that's not all that's going on here. In my opinion this is the residual effects of class-ism and, to some extent, sexism. It's pretty sad to see so many people by default say, "I really love what she's saying and think she's totally right. But she can't be president." Why can't she? Because she's been so demonized by the other side? Well, if that's the reason then you're admitting that Alinsky style demonization really works. Great. Expect them to continue to do that to your leaders. Why should we allow our liberals and beltway elitists to pick our candidates? If we do, we might as well give up now and embrace our European socialist side.
Or perhaps these people think she can't be president because she doesn't look or act like one. Great. Keep on buying the narrative of what a president is supposed to be. Keep on electing your Ivy League betters because they've done such a bang up job representing you so far. […]

(Videos) Sarah Palin Backstage At SRLC In New Orleans: Endorses Marco Rubio

The 2010 Southern Republican Leadership Convention (SRLC) in New Orleans featured a star-studded line up of prominent Republican politcos, headlined by former Governor Sarah Palin. 
Palin’s speech was well received, but it was what she said immediately afterwards that was most newsworthy.  Suffice to say, big media missed out on what exactly she said- but the exclusive story could not escape the jaws of the Shark Tank!

Immediately after Governor Palin finished her speech, she approached the end of the stage to greet fans and sign autographs.  But little did she know that the Shark Tank had released a  rogue shark to cover the event in New Orleans to attempt to get her on the record and answer the million dollar question- will she endorse Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate race in Florida?  Governor Palin is, after all, one of the most prominent members of the Conservative movement.  Palin’s response to my question speaks for itself- she gives a big Alaskan bear hug to U.S Senate candidate Marco Rubio. (VIDEO)
Could this be the end of the road for Charlie?  Other Conservative leaders are lining up behind Rubio including, the lovable little fuzzball himself, Rush ’El Rushbo’ Limbaugh. Several months back, I ran into Rush and he expressed to me how much he liked Rubio and that he was rooting for him.  Since then, Rush has gone on the radio to call Rubio ‘Reaganesque’ and tout him while describing Charlie Crist as your typical RINO.
Sarah Palin was her usual perky, chatty self, offering her trademarked ‘ you betcha” in expressing her support for Rubio, blown kiss and all. My only question is, to whom did she blow the kiss to, me or Marco?  Sorry Marco, this question is a given, better luck next time.

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