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Saturday, March 13, 2010

(Video & Photos) Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck: No thank you, Obama, you can keep that change!

Palin takes the stage. Gigantic standing ovation when she says "Hello Tulsa."
Palin starts with her appreciation of country music. Specifically thanks John Rich and Gretchen Wilson.
First order of business for Obama should be the economy! Palin mentions "Obama, Pelosi and Reid" crowd boos loudly
There are some "common sense conservatives" in Washington who know "we can't spend our way out of our problems." Palin praises Reagan. Says he did not apologize for America.
I write (solutions) on the palm of my hand. I wish Washington would tattoo it on their forehead. The media doesn't care about substance and her detractors can keep shooting at me, its OK because you have my back (She is 100% correct).  A Facebook post is coming on the policy reversal on drilling!
We still believe that American is exceptional because of everyday hard working people. Politicians lecture, mock. We understand what they're trying to do to this country. We understand it and we don't like it. There is no need for a fundamental transformation of America. No thank you Mr. President you can keep that change. Quit disrespecting the wisdom of the American people, Obama!
Americans get it, In Washington, they don't!!!!
Sarah finished with standing ovation and a very loud applause!!!!  A video paying tribute too soldiers starts,  Sarah is still on stage and Piper joins her. 

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