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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Sarah Palin Needs To Do For A 2012 Presidential Run!

In the February issue (not available online) of Newsmax Dick Morris has some words of advice for Governor Palin:

So what’s ACT III for Sarah Palin?  Whatever the pundits may tell the American public, Palin was nothing less than a smash hit in ACT I.  She did for John McCain what no other vice president candidate has ever done for any other presidential candidate: She delivered the lead to him for nearly a month. […]

ACT II was also a huge success for Palin. Her autobiography will likely sell more than 3 million copies, rivaling the best of all time.  We have to assume ACT III will involve a presidential race in 2012.  To be viable, Palin needs to set to rest any doubts triggered when she decided to resign as governor of Alaska last year. […]

Now she needs to tell us why she quit.  Her best bet would be to say that, up in Alaska, she couldn’t give her best efforts and really participate in the coming campaign to throw out the Democrats from Congress in 2010.... she should say that she felt she could not do justice both to the needs of her constituents and the needs of her country. […]

And then Sarah should go to every fundraiser and chicken dinner she can find, stumping for Republican candidates in 2010.
Palin needs to do what Hillary Clinton did in 2006 and 2007.  Pile up IOUs from all of her formidable star power to raise funds for their Senate and congressional candidates as well as for their state parties. 
With a solid record of accomplishment in 2010 she will improve her image and establish herself as the solid front-runner for 2012.

More From Newsmax:

1 comment:

  1. So she agrees to campaign for McCain when Arizona conservatives want a true conservative for State Senate! I don't agree with this advice.


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