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Friday, January 22, 2010

(Video) Sarah Palin On Glenn Beck: Obama In Denial, His Lip Service & Supporting McCain


  1. I thought you were something special, however, if you would support a candidate like "Amnesty" McCain than you are not the person to be supported in any future elections as your intellect is obviously suspect.

  2. Please Sarah, the kindest thing you could do for John McCain is to sit him down and explain to him that his time has past. He seems to have no "stopping sense" so as to know when it is time to get out of the way and let someone fresh take that seat. He just seems to not "get it" about a lot of issues..immigration being a really big one.

  3. Maybe it is because of Sarah Palin that McCain finally realized he can't ride the fence any more. Voters are smart and if they don't like McCain they won't vote for him no matter who campaigns for him!!!!!

  4. McCain brought us Sarah Palin. She would not be in the position she is in (leader of the conservative movement) if it was not for McCain and his very very wise VP choice.

  5. McCain in an old school Democrat and is pure RINO.

    The brilliant move of picking Sarah Palin makes me love McCain just for that move alone. I do not like his politics.

  6. McCain picked Sarah Palin so he gets high marks in my book.

  7. The Tea Parties, defeating Obamacare, NJ win, VA win and MA win are all because of Sarah Palin (and McCain picking her).


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