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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sarah Palin: Lead Republican Party In Taking Back Country From Crypto-Marxists

The American Thinker and Jed Gladstein have an interesting take on Sarah Palin signing up with Fox News:

So, what does this do to the hope that Sarah Palin will spearhead a political renaissance in America (The Palin Palimpsest) and take up residence in the White House in 2012? 

Well, it's a quandary for sure. But, then, a few stray ideas might just make strange bedfellows:
  • Many are saying that Sarah needs to spiff up her repartee a bit and become more adept at the tit-for-tat interaction of professional reportage, and Fox News might just be a good place to do that;
  • The lame stream media lambast Sarah for an alleged deficit in detailed national and international knowledge, and there's no better place to get a head full of that kind of miscellany than television news;
  • If Ronald Reagan's television and radio career helped him package the charisma that landed him in the White House, Fox News might just do the same for Sarah.
For all those who hope to see Sarah lead a "new-made" Republican Party in taking back this country from crypto-Marxists, it is time to say a prayer that Sarah's exposure to the realities of professional news casting doesn't result in political overexposure.

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