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Monday, December 21, 2009

Gov Pawlenty: Sarah Palin Is More Qualified To Be President Than Obama

Our good freinds at Texas4Palin posted a nice interview Governor Tim Pawlenty gave to Newsweak:

Did McCain explain to you why he picked her? 
The conversation was pretty brief. I just think he felt he had to do something maybe a little different than what would have been the traditional approach. And I think he felt good about his decision.

Do you think Palin is qualified to be president? 
She is easily as qualified as Barack Obama. I would argue she's more qualified in terms of leadership, experience, management, and supervision—actually running something. She was a mayor, head of an energy commission, and governor.  Sarah Palin is also the owner of two successful small business. 

Did she help or hurt the ticket? 
My view is that she helped him because she energized the campaign. She brought a fresh and dynamic perspective that I think complemented his strengths really well. I think she helped. I know there are some pollsters who take issue with that.

Also, the National reported on the same interview:

MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) says the media is obsessed with ex-AK Gov. Sarah Palin (R), and that her celebrity makes her a front-runner for the WH'12 sweepstakes.   Pawlenty called his potential rival a "political rock star," and said that standing gives Palin a platform from which she could run.

"We live in a society in which being familiar, being well known, gives you a platform. She certainly has that. The Democrats have all kinds of characters who are interesting, bold, and dramatic. On our side, you guys are obsessed with Palin," Pawlenty said.

He added, handicapping the eventual field: "Is Mitt Romney running? I think he would clearly be the frontrunner, he and Palin. And there is Mike Huckabee, of course, and any number of people could emerge out of Congress."

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