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Friday, November 27, 2009

10 Reasons Why I CANNOT Support Sarah Palin For President

John Kauffman of Lewistown, PA wrote a letter to The Editor of The Lewistown Sentinel:

1. She is a woman and we've never had a woman president! Of course, before our current president, we've never had a black president either; but that's different.

2. She's pro-abortion, and even late-term abortion! No, wait - I believe that's someone currently in the office who holds those views.

3. Does she have something to hide? I wonder, since we can't seem to find out anything about her grades and her accomplishments while attending college! Oh boy, I'm wrong again! I believe that's also someone currently in office that I'm thinking about.

4. She doesn't have the background or experience necessary for the job. She wasn't tutored in politics by the Chicago machine, and she certainly can't organize like someone who can cut their teeth as a community organizer and lawyer for A.C.O.R.N.

5. She's not qualified. She's only been a state governor, not a community organizer, or a first-term senator with no record except for possibly voting present on key issues.

6. Concerning Sarah as governor, look how she screwed up Alaska: She balanced the budget, lowered taxes and even gave Alaskans back some of their own money. Now what kind of example is that to set for the rest of our country?

7. Without her teleprompter, she can't give a decent speech, and can even get her facts twisted by going it alone. Remember when she forgot how many states are in our union? Darn, I did it again. I keep getting her confused with someone currently in office.

8. She's said to be an average American woman, and a once-married loving housewife and devoted mother, who really wants the best for all peoples of our nation. Now who in the this world would believe that there is someone like that who would actually run for higher office? I certainly don't.

9. She hunts, fishes, rides snowmobile and basically seems to love nature and care about the environment. Sounds like a good old country girl to me. I wonder if this is true, because we all know that most politicians claim to be good old country people at heart, but really aren't. Remember John Kerry pretending to be a duck hunter?

10. She also lies; she claims to be an advocate for women, for special needs children, for the environment, for national security and the list of American pie values goes on and on.  Now to be perfectly honest, I, at this moment, can't come up with anything that she has lied about, but I'm sure there must be something? How do I know that she must be lying about her basic principles? Because women know women best, and in this case, they must know something that isn't apparent about her; because while it would seem that she was the perfect vice presidential candidate, she is yet to be supported by one women's organization. Why? Again, it is hard to understand, since we know it couldn't be because she is an attractive woman or that she is not a liberal.

11. I lied! I said 10 reasons, but as you can see, there are actually 11, and the 11th reason I fear is the real reason. I believe that at the rate power is being consolidated and socialism is being embraced (with the help of both parties), that in essence, we only have one party. That being said, there may not even be an election in 2012, but if there is, I'm sure there is no place on the ballot for Sarah Palin.

Full Letter To The Editor:
Here are the 10 reasons why I can't support Sarah Palin for president


  1. Interesting post & letter - well writen, but my greatest concern w/ Palin is she or any other conservative is going to struggle getting into the white house if conservatives chose only to criticisize others instead of presenting something positive on the table that doesn't just bash liberal politics and Barack Obama...that is rarely attractive, even if the critics are true.

  2. I would support Sarah Pallin because she is honest and moral. I believe we as citizens have had enough dishonesty and dishonor to fill our gullets. We need to take the greatness of America back. She is an ordinary citizen with extraordinary talent and vision. She, being born and raised in America, is a true American, and has unfailing goodness that will pull America up from its dishonor and dishonesty of government at present. We must gain back our national and international true American honor and honesty once again. Women make some of the greatest leaders of all times,but many have barely been noticed over time. An honest woman can handle it! Sarah Pallin should be listed among the greats, and American honor and honesty will return with her in leadership.


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