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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sarah Palin Easily Wins 3rd Politico Poll Over Obama & Biden

Once again Sarah Palin easily wins Politico’s Poll:  Which politician would you like to follow around for a day?   With 28,540 votes cast Governor Palin took 57% of the votes compared to 23% for the disaster Obama and 2% for the buffoon Biden. 
Back in early August and September Governor Palin also easily handled her GOP counterparts on 2 separate Politico polls and also a huge Newsmax poll with over 600,000 votes cast.  In the August Politico Poll Governor Palin received 46% to Governor Romney’s 25% and Speaker Gingrich’s 6%.  Politico’s September poll Governor Palin also dominated with 55%, Governor Romney 15% & Governor Huckabee 10%.  This poll had  a total of 24,046 votes were cast.
The largest and most comprehensive poll, by Newsmax, Governor Palin did even better.  She received an overall 83% approval rating and 78% said they would support her if she runs in 2012.  By all accounts, Governor Palin is the most popular GOP politician in the country and the front runner for 2012.  Not a single other candidate could fill a stadium nor out sell every author in the country.  Within 8 hours of  announcing her upcoming book and 8 weeks before it is released the book will most likely call for a 2nd printing printing.   The disaster Obama could not even fill a stadium unless it was a coordinated effort with union help or a paid-to-be-there audience.   As we all saw with his the fake town hall meetings for Obamacare.
As Obama creates more poverty and makes the poor poorer Governor Palin seems to be doing everything correct.  She is in control of the health care debate and beating Obama at every turn.   The reality is Obama has no business being in The White House and she does.  Embarrassingly, Obama is being pushed around by the UN, Iran, Chavez, nearly every European leader and, of course, Governor Palin.   God help us all.

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