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Thursday, October 29, 2009

DNC Communists: Attack Sarah Palin On Facebook

What a bunch of Commie scum-bags.  The DNC is actually asking supporters to attack private citizen Sarah Palin on Facebook.  My suggestion is to join Sarah Palin on Facebook and get her to a million supporters.  She is presently at 952,744.

These delusional communists actually want all of us to believe that socializing our health care system will add ZERO to the defict and even lower cost while adding  30-40 million legal and illegal.  What I expect from our elected officials is very simple:  Protect us from this dangerous federal encroachment in our lives.  Back us in a corner and we will revolt!  I see this as a sign of encouragement.  
They called out Fox News and their ratings are through the roof making them the most powerful  and trusted news organization in the world.  This should propel Sarah Palin to new heights and truly make her the cure for the disaster Obama.  All Governor Palin needs to do is campaign on this premise: Reverse everything the disaster Obama and his communists sidekicks in congress have done. 
Below is the e-mail the DNC executive director Jen O'Malley Dillon sent:
Subject: Sarah Palin Lies
Friend --
A lot of folks use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family. For Sarah Palin, it's a great way to spread lies about health insurance reform.  A few months back, Palin took to Facebook to declare that health reform would create "death panels," and drive private insurers out of business -- and nonpartisan factcheck sites and the independent Congressional Budget Office debunked those lies.

But that didn't stop Sarah Palin. She's back with a new Facebook note claiming that reform will raise costs on families and drive up deficits. Unfortunately for her, even the conservative "Tax Foundation" says those claims are false.  So, this week, we're calling out Sarah Palin and taking to Facebook to debunk her lies on the very same pages she's using to spread them.
Call 'em out: Sarah Palin. Watch the video, make a call, spread the word on Facebook:  We've put together a short Facebook note cataloging just some of Sarah Palin's many distortions and the facts that prove her wrong. But we need your help to "share" the note and make sure she doesn't get away with her outrageous lies.
If Sarah Palin wants to spread lies on Facebook, we'll call her out in the very same place. And when thousands of folks share our note and expose her lies, it will be clear that those who lie about reform will be held accountable -- no matter where they spread their misinformation. The more we push back with the truth, the more Sarah Palin and others like her will have to think twice before they promote lies, and the less they'll be able to derail progress.
Even if you don't have a Facebook account, you can still help us call out Sarah Palin. Visit Call 'em Out: Sarah Palin to watch our video detailing her lies and to call Palin's political organization and say, "stop lying."
Rising health care costs are crushing American families and squeezing small businesses. Reform will reign in costs and cut the deficit in the long run -- that's why it's so important, and why Sarah Palin's lies are so malicious.
We're not letting it stand. We're calling Sarah Palin out: 
Keep up the fight (fellow communists),


  1. These people are FULL of Hate and Fear, they are now STRESSED OUT and slowly going out of their mind. Pretty soon they will be in-line for the Psycho Ward.

  2. Sansego:

    The Hope and Change was fake you moron. If you have not noticed Obama is a racists and the thug.


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