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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sarah Palin The Perfect Woman?

Dianne Linderman, of, wrote an insightfull piece on Governor Palin:

Let’s all agree that there is no perfect person, but have you ever asked yourself what the perfect women should be like? I have always known all my life! For myself, I am far from it. However, the more I observe Alaska’s former Governor Sarah Palin, the more I see that she has many of the attributes of the perfect woman.

Aside from her natural beauty, she exudes total confidence in a dignified but somewhat humble manner. She stands for all of the right principles in life and is not afraid of a good fight. She has chosen a ruggedly handsome husband who stands with her in her beliefs, while never losing his own direction. He does not seem at all threatened by her calling of leadership; on the contrary, he is part of the leadership and she would not have it any other way. Without ever having met her, I easily recognize her total love for her family. She makes mistakes and owns them and does not go into denial about what just happened. She moves onto the next thing because life is made up of so many little good and bad things that to dwell on any one could stop her on her path.


She loves her husband, and looks to him as a pillar of strength in her moments of need and is there for him in his. She doesn’t undermine his authority as a man, but stands by his side so as not to confuse the family order. She stands up to him with grace, forgives him when he fails and asks for forgiveness when she fails. Her admiration for her husband is pure respect and the family unit is strong because of it.

She has had a sudden calling in life and nothing can stop it. It is a drive that comes not from her but something greater than herself. Little did she know that greatness was in store for her; but she has never put it before her family. She finds the grace to make it all work in harmony. She sometimes struggles, not knowing the direction to take, but in the end the direction is unmistakable. Patience and faith always find her when she has an ultimate need of them.


Sarah Palin may or may not have all of these attributes, but my bet is that she has most of them. Many people have many ideas of what the perfect women should be, but when have we had the opportunity to observe a person who both men and women can identify with? This article is not necessarily about Sarah Palin, but about the awesome qualities women can aspire to. These very qualities have been disregarded and degraded by the superficial, clueless media, but most of us know who the real disasters are and what they represent!

You go, Sarah Barracuda!  Listen to Dianne's Syndicated National Talk Show: “Everything That Matters Radio Show

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1 comment:

  1. God bless her in what ever she desides to do. I hope and pray she will be our next president.

    John Bailiff
    Toledo Ohio


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