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Monday, July 27, 2009

Luntz & Hannity: Gov Palin CLEARLY A Candidate For 2012


  1. I fear a White House led by her. But Luntz has a point. She is learning the power that language has over the masses, with swing voters (the critical vote). She will of course get the right-wing vote even if she blundered the speech.

    We need to take her more seriously than we have been. She will gain in popularity. We need to learn the power of language. She has, and if we don't answer, she will win. And that is scary.

    Sadly conservatives don't get the fact that, if you use Bush's time as a model, their views actually destroy America (strong corporatism, weak middle class, more enemies abroad because we are only worried about American interests, war putting us deep in debt).

    I am afraid for our country if she were to win.

  2. It appears as if James' worldview is based on his unstable emotions (fearfulness) and to make matters worse, he doesn't understand that today's "conservatives" are yesterday's "classic liberals". (G.W. Bush is not one of them). This may help me make the point:

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008
    Why I Am Not a Liberal
    by Dennis Prager

    The following is a list of beliefs that I hold. Nearly every one of them was a liberal position until the late 1960s. Not one of them is now.

    Such a list is vitally important in order to clarify exactly what positions divide left from right, blue from red, liberal from conservative.

    [snip] Continue reading at above link.


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