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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gov Pawlenty Stands Strong Backs Gov Palin

One thing I have learned is nearly 100% of the news on Governor Palin is fabricated or opinion. Liberal shithead Gerald tried his best but Governor Pawlenty was not buying it. He is one of the few immune from the media. Even Charles Krauthammer realizes, "She is a political star. She is a phenomenon" but he is not immune. To think she needs to study up on issues is believing the lefts attacks. Unless those in the media or you have given her a college aptitude exam (and she did poorly) your simply regurgitating media crap.

I have met Governor Palin 5 times and spoke with her on a range of issues for several hours. She is very sharp and would embarrass the "tele-prompter of the 57 United States illegally occupying our White House in a debate.

What we are witnessing is the beginning of the American People, represented by Governor Palin, Vs. the pompous, American-hating, Hollywood/Media/Washington Socialists.

Thank God for bringing us Governor Palin!!!


  1. Nice post! Sarah is the Light and hope and becon of Freedon for this Nation. There is little that she can not do, and there is great works ahead for her! I am so grateful that she is with us. I look forward to watching her take the Oath of Office!

  2. I think Pawlenty knows that there is no way he could beat Palin in the primaries, and now he's just angling to remain on her good side, so he might get the VP slot. Tim's my governor. MN is a yellow dog democrat state, and the only way he got elected is to be democrat lite. It's only since the election that he's started turning conservative, and his poll numbers have pretty much dropped like a rock because of it. Probably the biggest factor in his decision not to run for a 3rd term is that he'd probably lose.

    As a potential challenger in the primaries, he has several draw backs. He's boring, about as interesting as wallpaper paste. He's of the McCain style republican, wants to reach across that aisle, big tent republican. I'm not sure if he could raise sufficient cash to make a very good showing, a loss in IA would dry up whatever donations he would be getting, and he'd be lucky to be able to afford to do much in NH or SC. He'll draw very small crowds.

    In essense, Palin will campaign rings around him, drawing crowds in the tens of thousands, she'll raise far more money, and she'll hold her own, or even out debate him as well.

    Palin will get the lions share of the evangelical vote, the pro-life vote, and the NRA vote (we eat therefore we hunt, who else can actually say that and mean it?} Pawlenty would be much more likely to syphon off votes from Romney, which may not be a bad thing as far as Palin is concerned.


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