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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Defeats Obama By Electoral College Votes Of 282 To 256

Even Sarah’s most ardent supporters sometimes tell us “there’s no way the media is going to let her win”.  Unfortunately some conservatives voters have the mindset this is true. Polls specifically written to Sarah’s detriment are repeated constantly to create the impression she is terminally ‘divisive’  ‘not qualified’  or ‘weak with independents’.  All those make for good headlines from liberal media sources but are virtually meaningless in the real word of politics. […]
The Electoral Votes allotted to each state will change significantly in 2012 due to the census and will favor Palin.  This is subject to review, per the census totals, but projections of gain and losses are as follows:
+3: Texas
+2: Florida
+1: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Utah
-1: Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Pennsylvania
-2: New York, Ohio […]
Let’s look at the most likely path to victory and the one that was evident in the week following her selection as VP candidate prior to the economic collapse in 2008.  The map will you show you the colors and the outcome of Palin winning back:  Florida, Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado & Nevada for an electoral victory of 282-256.
Governor Palin could lose either Colorado or Nevada and still win.  Ohio would remain the key but the ‘Obama Economy’ has driven that states unemployment rate through the roof.  It will be a battle but Palin can win there in a traditionally GOP state.


  1. Come on Sarah! You can beat a silly old MAN! all you'd have to do is ask him for his berth cirtificate.

  2. Why is New Mexico on this electoral map? Foreign countries don't get to vote for our president! (At least not yet, anyway, but I'll bet they will if President Barry Hussein Sombrero Fartbongo has his way!!!)

  3. Sarah-babies gonna send Obama back to Hawaii and out of the USA!

  4. To all A$$ Clowns or Obama Supporters:

    You fell for an America Hating slow witted kenyan muslim communists. You bought the idea this idiot would be post-racial, post-partisan, he would bring peace to the mid-east. Change the worlds views, for the better, of America.

    The world is laughing at the US, racism is know much worse, partisan politics in MUCH worse. Iran in now allies with our old allies Brazil & Turkery
    and closer to getting the bomb.

    Obama is a complete failure and a massive, massive DISASTER.

    SUPPORT OBAMA = your a joke & apply the opposite.

    You Think Palin is dumb = Palin IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT

  5. Uh, New Mexico is a state (I'm sorry to say). And sending him back to Hawaii would not send him out of the U.S., it's a state too. America need a strong warrior, fighting for those of us who have been silent for too long... Go Palin!


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