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Monday, November 1, 2010

Newsweek’s Power 50: #1 Rush #2 Beck #3 Hannity #4 O’Reilly #5 Stewart #6 Sarah Palin #20 Obama

In the oversaturated, hypercommodified media culture of 2010, the most influential political figures are generally the ones who make the most money peddling their perspectives.  To figure who's tops in this new world, NEWSWEEK asked Wealth-X, an intelligence and research firm, to compile a list of the 50 highest-earning political figures of 2010. Included in the rankings are politicians, ex-politicians, media personalities, and political consultants who hawk their personal brands in the public marketplace—and influence American political discourse in the process.  To see a profile of any member of the Power 50, just click on their name in the list below.  You can also sort these names to see the list broken down by gender or occupation, just click on the category at the top of the list. And, you can find our full methodology here.


#7 Don Imus
#8 Bill Clinton
#9 Keith Olbermann
#10 Rudy Giuliani
#11 Laura Ingraham
#12 Newt Gingrich
#13 Madeleine Albright
#14 Stephen Colbert
#15 Arianna Huffington
#16 Mark Levin
#17 Chris Matthews
#18 George W. Bush
#19 Bill Maher
#20 Barack Obama

#21 to 50

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