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Friday, May 28, 2010

(Video) Sarah Palin’s Creepy Neighbor Joe McGinnis Threatens To Call Police On Reporter

ABC News tries to talk to author Joe McGinniss, who is renting the house next door to Sarah Palin in Wasilla, Alaska. When the reporter knocks on his door, he is told by McGinniss that he's trespassing and threatens to call the police.


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  1. The thing is is that there are already at least 50 books about Palin being offered on Amazon. New books appear quite regularly. McGinniss' book isn't expected out until the fall of 2011, by then there could very well be at least another dozen or more books on the market. Then there is the tens of thousands of newspaper, magazine and blog articles about Palin, and the hundreds of hours of air time. AP has recently combed through 6,000 pages of Palin emails from when she was governor, looking for dirt, and coming up with less than pocket lint. The only way McGinniss will be able to differentiate himself from the dozens of other authors and their books, will be by publicizing his willingness to openly spy on the Palins, and whoever visits them at their home. This goes way beyond creepy and sleazy, but he knows that he's fighting an uphill battle when it comes to actually making some money off yet another book. BTW, the only book about Palin to make any big money was Palin's own book. A few of the others have enjoyed modest success, but the overwhelming majority failed to gain much traction or receive much attention.


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