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Monday, May 24, 2010

(Video) ABC & CBS News Las Vegas Coverage Of Sarah Palin

Link: ABC Las Vegas: Sarah Palin's visit to Vegas attracts environmental protesters

Link: CBS Las Vegas:

Palin Greeted in Vegas by Protestors of Oil Drilling

Las Vegas Transcript:
“You understand the opportunities that we have here, especially in America, Let me ask you, do you love your freedom that you have here in America? Well, so do I.”
“What would our communities be without our shopping centers?” she asked. “Meeting our needs is what it is that you do.” The crowd cheered. “You are the backbone of our nation’s economy,  a free-market economy in which business owners have control over their destinies is best for everyone”
“Las Vegas is a portrait of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Just as Las Vegas was built in a barren desert, she said, small business owners know what it is like to make “something out of nothing.”
“I think that every politician who wants to run for office should have run a business before,” “I was so proud of the good, noble mayor here, Mayor Goodman, who dared take on anyone who suggested Vegas wasn’t a good place to be,” she said. “I thought, man, he sounds like he’s goin’ rogue. He took on the president, even.”
“I’m going to tell you something that only my family and some of my close friends know about me,” she said. “I’ve never been the biggest shopper in the world.”
“When I served on the city council in Wasilla, I voted against anything that would limit the freedom of businesses. I didn’t want Wasilla to pass any ordinance that would deter businesses from settling there, on my watch, Wasilla grew from a town without a Wal-Mart into a small retail center. “Other countries can look to America and see some of the … things that we do that they can emulate,” she said. “And ultimately it will help create a more prosperous, a more safer, even a freer world.”

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