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Friday, April 16, 2010

Governor Sarah Palin Remains On Fire

RUSH: We have a little Sarah Palin sound bite here. This afternoon in Boston, the national tea party rally.  There's just a portion-of-what she said.
Sarah Palin:  Consequences of these actions, the results are un-American.  Is that what Barack Obama meant when he promised the nation that they would "fundamentally transform America"?  He warned us. He warned us with a playbook that sure seems to me like it's all Alinsky, all the time.  Is this what their "change" is all about?  I want to tell him, "Nah! You know, we'll keep clinging to our Constitution and our guns and religion, and you can keep the change."
CROWD: (cheering)
RUSH: Sarah Palin remains on fire, fighting hard out there.  Guess what?  The Democrats for only the second or third time in history are going to pass on the budget.  They're not going to do any work on the budget before the election.  Now, the budget has to be done -- well, they'll get a continuing resolution. But the budget has to be done by October 1st.  
That's when the fiscal year begins.  But they're not going to touch it. They're going to stay away from it. They're not have any debates, no meetings.  Waxman just canceled a hearing on health care overhaul costs.  I told you. They're not going to have any more conversations about health care, now that they got the bill passed, they're not going to talk about the budget.  "House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters today that Democrats may not be able to pass an actual budget resolution this year because too many members will be skittish about voting for a budget with such a gaping deficit during election season, The Hill  reports. 
Theoretically speaking, Congress is supposed to pass a budget resolution each year, but it can get away without passing one. When Republicans were in control, there were a number of years during which they failed to pass a budget. At the same time, Democrats" made a big deal out of it. They do not want any negatives whatsoever because they know the tea parties are all fired up, and trying to limit the damage. 

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