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Friday, March 26, 2010

(Photos) Sarah Palin In Midland 2x: Conservative Principles = Prosperous Texas + Domestic Energy Is Key

Midland, Texas At The Commemorative Air Force Hanger 2pm The Liberty & Freedom Foundation
Bob Campbell of The Midland Reporter-Telegram Palin: 'Don't retreat; just reload'
Sarah Palin On Texas Economy: 
“Texas has prospered by sticking to its conservative principles.”  Comparing Texas and her home state of Alaska as “big, wide open states with hard working people,” “conservative governmental philosophy practiced in Texas could be applied nationally to revive the economy”
“We need the courage to do what’s morally right and cut taxes so small businesses can hire more people,” “That’s how our economy can come roaring back to life.” 

Sarah Palin on Obama Care:
"Obamacare is not sustainable” “It’s impossible to fund. They say we would learn to like their programs if only we were smart enough to understand them. But we are smart enough to understand. We just don’t like them.”
In an apparent reference to reports this week of threats and vandalism aimed at Democratic leaders and their property, Palin said, “We are not inciting violence.”

More Cindeka Photos of Sarah Click: Cindeka Nealy | Odessa American

Midland, Texas For The Petrolium Club 8pm The Liberty & Freedom Foundation
For dinner, Palin chose the Midland Petroleum Club, where she was the keynote speaker for a fundraiser put on by the Liberty and Freedom Foundation of New York City. Mayor, Wes Perry, joined hundreds of others in attendance.
"She's very charismatic. You can understand why she's the national figure that she is when you hear her speak", said attendee, Steve Burleson. Sarah Palin’s sense of humor. "She said that when she ran for Vice President they finished second out of 2 in the race so everybody thought that was pretty funny"
On Obama & The Deficit:  
“many Americans are working against the trillion dollar deficits enacted by Congress and the Obama administration. Patriots are standing up and speaking out neighbors helping neighbors”
“What makes America exceptional is not her politicians, it’s her people,” “I see it in our brave men and women in uniform who are willing to sacrifice it all for our country.”

On The Federal Government & Domentic Energy:
“Freedom is a God given right and worth fighting for. Our government is supposed to be working for us. We’re not supposed to be working for the government.” 
“When they’re trying to keep you from speaking out (and I get this from my dad), don’t retreat, just reload.”“God created these rich resources in Texas,” “U.S. is asking foreign countries to sell it more oil because it has neglected its domestic production”
In a reference to threats and vandalism aimed at Democratic leaders, Palin said, "We are not inciting violence."When they're trying to keep you from speaking out (and I get this from my dad), don't retreat, just reload."  

Sarah Waving Photo by Gary Rhodes 3/25/10

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