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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sarah Palin's Success Vs. Obama's Failures

Sarah Palin’s Success
$8 million book deal = SUCCESS
4 million books sold = SUCCESS
$ 100,000 each appearance on Fox = SUCCESS
$100,000 to $250,000 each speech = SUCCESS
Most In Demand Speaker In World = SUCCESS  

drive media loopy = SUCCESS
shut down obama-care = (death panel) SUCCESS
2 term mayor = SUCCESS
family of 5 = SUCCESS
oil & gas commissioner = SUCCESS
record as gov = SUCCESS
massive following = SUCCESS
AK economy = SUCCESS
AK oil & gas pipeline = SUCCESS
Sarah Palin: ‘Obama is a disaster’...‘I Told You So’ = CORRECT
Commands/Fools media w/ words on Hand = SUCCESS
2 Tonight Show Appearances = SUCCESS
4 Words on Hand = world follows = SUCCESS 

Obama’s Failures 
campaign in NV for Ried = FAIL
campaign in NJ = FAIL
campaign in VA = FAIL
campaign in MA = FAIL
stimulus bill = FAIL
cap&tax = FAIL
health care =FAIL
unemployment = FAIL
copenhagen = FAIL
olympics = FAIL 
approval rating 75% to 39% in year= FAIL
economic grade F = FAIL
lost 8.4 million jobs = FAIL
bow like peasant to Jap emperor = (Jap Press IDIOT) FAIL 
China Trip zero results = FAIL
Germany Trip = (Germany Press WIMP) FAIL 
France Trip zero Results = FAIL
Picks Colts = doom colts FAIL  
4x National Deficit = America FAILS
2 Trillion Increase US Debt Ceiling = America FAILS (singed 2/12/10)
obama looting America = America FAILS
stuttering stumbling incoherent slow witted racist = SUCCESS
um, bush, um, bush, um, bush, um = SUCCESS
Not Intelligent = SUCCESS

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