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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Would Challenge Obama in 2012: 4-1 Margin Palin More Qualified

The former Alaska governor named Sarah Palin is telling that she would be eager to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012 presidential race.  This would be quite a debate to watch as Sarah Palin would easily hand Obama his privates on a plater.  
Sarah released the keynote address at the tea party convention Saturday, using it to hit Obama on terrorism. Palin also concluded that she will focus on the future Republican Party primaries, and that she may prop up hundreds of candidates ahead in the months. 
"I think that President Obama with all due respect, his lack of experience is really made manifest in the way that decisions are made in the White House today”, added Sarah Palin.
A survey recently showed that she could have the hold to increase a competitive presidential race and strong questions were asked in the campaign about her experience and qualifications.
A poll last week had her leading, by a few points, the pack of potential Republican Party candidates. The Research 2000 unveiled Republican voters thinks that she is more qualified to be president than Obama by a margin of 4-1.  
Considering Sarah Palin has success as an owner of two business, two terms as mayor, commissioner and governor compared to Obama’s failed first year in The White House the margin should be 8-1.
With Obama’s disastrous first year most Americas are waking up to the realization he is incredibly incompetent and clueless.  Unfortunately things are likely to get worse for Obama.  God help us all!

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