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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sarah Palin & Rush Limbaugh Friendship Before She Was The Governor

RUSH: Rahm Emanuel's apology apparently has been accepted.  The early news was that it was not accepted, right?  But The Politico has a story from Ben Smith and an update: "Emanuel met yesterday with six disability advocates.  He sincerely apologized again for using the R-word, promising to sign an online pledge to end the use of the word."  Now, get this.  "Emanuel also promised to examine congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law."  Now, what kind of F-ing nonsense is this?  I'm just quoting Emanuel here, folks. (laughing) The Drive-Bys are trying to goad Sarah Palin into denouncing me, just like she denounced Rahm Emanuel.  But Sarah Palin knows I'm quoting Emanuel in all this.  They're trying anything to get Sarah Palin.  From Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, to everybody else at MSNBC and Margaret Carlson of Bloomberg, oh, they're all trying to get Sarah Palin to denounce me just as she did Rahm, and if she doesn't do it she's a hypocrite, they're saying.  She knows that I do this kind of thing.  Sarah Palin is a lifelong listener to this program.
"...I have never told you people this. It was in our Sarah Palin interview in the Limbaugh Letter. But one of the years I'm out at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic a guy comes up to me and says, "My daughter is a huge fan, would you sign a book for me?" and it was a copy of my book and it was to Sarah Palin, long before she was governor of Alaska. I've had a couple chats with her, one on the air here and one for the Limbaugh Letter, the most widely read political newsletter in the country. So they're trying to goad her into denouncing me like they did Emanuel, but she knows that all I'm doing is quoting Emanuel and highlighting that it's these people who say this kind of stuff. Now, as for Emanuel promising to examine congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law because he used the term "retarded" as an insult -- and, remember, he was calling his own party members this. He was calling liberal activists the R-word. The Drive-Bys also can't believe that I came to Emanuel's defense yesterday. They just do not get it..."
Twenty-plus years and they don't get it.  They thought I was coming to his defense yesterday when I said, "What's wrong with calling a bunch of retards a bunch of retards?"  And the retards he's talking about are the liberal activists.  (laughing) Folks, I can't tell you -- and I'm not going to use the word anymore -- I cannot tell you what fun this is.  I look at this, if I could just know women like I know liberal media people, how my life would change.  How it would have been different, because I know everything.  There's not one question I cannot answer about these people.  There's not one behavioral mode that I cannot not predict.  I just know 'em.  So because Rahm Emanuel used the R-word as an insult, he's now going to decree that it must be stricken from the country's legislation over the past 200 years?  I mean he's promised to examine congressional legislation that would remove the word from federal law?  What an arrogance of power and what a waste of money and time.  And that is assuming that this is anything more than just an empty promise, which is highly likely. 
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