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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sarah Palin Jabs Media “Loggers Rock” On Palm At Sierra Cascade Logging In CA

Doni Greenberg, of  a, reported from the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference on Sarah Palin’s speech in Redding, California: Sarah Palin Wows Redding Audience
Sarah Palin received a rock star’s welcome at the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference where she spoke before the first of two sold-out shows at the Redding Convention Center monday.
That’s 4,000 people who paid between $54 for a balcony seat to $74 for a floor seat. I had a floor seat - second row, so near the tower of speakers that I followed the example of people around me and wadded tissue in my right ear to reduce the volume. […]
She began by acknowledging veterans’ sacrifices, and asked everyone who’d ever served in the military to stand for a heroes’ recognition. After that, she read from a prepared speech, heavily peppered with Palin lingo that delighted the audience. Loud laughter followed Palin’s references to “lame-stream media” and jeers accompanied every reference to global warming. Enthusiastic boos followed a reference to Nancy Pelosi.
She endeared herself to the logging conference crowd by holding her hand up to show what was written on her palm: “Loggers rock!” - an apparent dig at “lame-stream media” who recently ridiculed her for writing memory prompts on her hand. And toward the end of her talk she complimented logging industry folks when she referred to an administration that talks about green jobs. “You guys were doing green jobs before green jobs were even cool!”
And although Palin tailored some of her speech especially for the logging industry, her message also had the ring of someone running for office as she recounted a lifetime of accomplishments, from city council and mayor to governor and vice presidential candidate.
She made frequent jabs at ”the feds” and Washington and “the people in charge” and took them to task for everything from “obstructionist tactics” that threaten industry to doing a “whole lot of talk without a whole lot of action.”
Wild applause followed many of her points, including:
- “Washington needs to stop lecturing and start listening.”
- “We need basic common-sense government with fiscal restraint and limited control.”
- “We need to stand up and tell government to back off.”
- “Sometimes I wonder if anyone in Washington has ever run a business.”
- “Washington wants us to think this is all over our head. Obviously, they want us to sit down and shut up.”
- “Washington needs to walk the walk.”
- “We need an all-of-the-above approach to drilling, digging and mining, and support for nuclear energy.”
- “A lot of green is wishful thinking … in the meantime we have to drill here now and tap into our plentiful supplies.”
“I named my daughter Willow. Isn’t that granola enough for ya?” (Regarding forest preservation.) […]
Some fans rushed the stage waving copies of Palin’s newly released book, “Going Rogue,” a few of which Palin stooped from the stage to sign as her daughter Piper watched on. And then Palin was gone, off to prepare for the next showing at 7 p.m. […]
“It was great to see how far people would travel, and how fast word spread about the tickets,” he said. “People said they’d see her up close and personal in the Convention Center since it only seats 2,000. She usually speaks in much larger auditoriums. We sold almost all the tickets within a day or so.”
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  2. Sarah is beautiful, and so clever & spontaneous. Love the lines about naming her daughter Willow: "Isn't that granola enough for ya?" Priceless!


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