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Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks To Obama And McCain: The Reagan Revolution Continues!

Gene Schwimmer, at The American Thinker, wrote an interesting article on how McCain and Obama have revitalized the Reagan Revolution:  Praising McCain 
All of our current political debate, when reduced to its essence, is centered on answering a single question: Is the Reagan Revolution permanent? By this time next year, after the 2010 midterm election results are in, we will know. I predict that We the People will affirm the election of 1980 as a political realignment with a resounding "yes!" And for enabling us to finally answer that question -- and for the answer itself -- one man will deserve our special thanks: John McCain.  Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your eyes. I write to praise John McCain, not to bury him. No, seriously.  [...]

Today, we see conservatives marching on Washington. Conservatives are making their voices heard at town hall meetings, tea parties and -- soon -- at the ballot box. Indeed, in one poll, the "tea party," though not officially a party, garnered more support than the Republican Party.  [...]  None of this -- none of it -- would be happening if McCain had won.

Praiseworthy item number 2: ObamaCare proponents like to brand Republicans as the "Party of No," accusing them of opposing the Democratic plan without proposing a plan of their own. Never mind that anyone with a computer and internet access can read the Republican proposals online.  [...]

And last, but certainly not least (if you'll forgive the clich√©), there is Sarah Palin. McCain really earned his maverick stripes when he overrode the advice of the "experts" to make her his VP pick. Former McCain campaign insiders openly rue the day McCain picked Palin, and apparently the only thing that delights these hacks more than condemning McCain's choice is attacking Palin herself, which they do at every opportunity with unseemly zeal.  [...]

For if the 2008 election and its aftermath have proven anything, it's that liberalism as a governing political philosophy -- that is, a philosophy that the American people believe in and embrace -- is dead. One of the hands holding the hammer that pounds the last nail into liberalism's coffin will be John McCain's.

Yes, the sting of political defeat is painful, but "no pain, no gain," as the saying goes. So rail at him if you must, but in the fullness of time, John McCain's losing presidential campaign of 2008 may turn out to have been to the 21st century what Barry Goldwater's 1964 campaign was to the 20th.

Thank you, John McCain.

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