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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sarah Palin To Anyone That Would Like To Help: Congratulations, Friendship Circle!

Congratulations to Friendship Circle for being a Chase Community Giving award recipient! Friendship Circle is a beautiful non-profit organization that creates meaningful friendships between children who have special needs and teenage volunteers. In Michigan, the Friendship Circle has a beautiful one-of-a-kind center called LifeTown. Its main feature is a life-like village with all kinds of realistic stores for individuals who have special needs where they can be prepared to integrate into society and where thousands of volunteers can learn to appreciate the beauty of these special souls. You can learn more about Friendship Circle and support their work by visiting their website. You can also view a wonderful video about them here
- Sarah Palin

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  1. Lars Larson just wrote back and said he agreed with what I said. I wonder if Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity also agree?

    From: Nolan Nelson []
    Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 12:53 PM
    To: Rush Limbaugh (
    Subject: Sarah Palin Should Disassociate from John McCain

    I think my thought on the subject of Sarah Palin campaigning for John McCain goes back to when “W” campaigned to Arlen Specter in the state’s primary election. I decided then that national figures could campaign in a state for the general election for a state or national office. However, during the primary cycle it should be up to people and organizations representing people in the state to make the case.

    Palin owes McCain nothing. She was the only bright spot in a failed campaign and he treated her terribly as I noted would be the case in this August 2008 letter to the editor titled “Sarah Palin’s New Battles’. It seems to me the loyalty issue is a guilt card one may or may not play successfully within the political class, which often lacks integrity. Any association with McCain has and will only degrade Palin.

    Too many politicians such as McCain consider members of the Democrat Party colleagues, instead of an implacable enemy. These Democrat adversaries represent by philosophy a latter day Vladimir Lenin who said, “Probe with a bayonet. If you meet steel, stop. If you meet mush, then push.”

    The key point Republican politicians need to note (and McCain will not) is that if one encounters steel Lenin’s instruction is to stop. He does not counsel retreat. Instead, wait until the steel changes to mush. Politically active people who want smaller government and greater freedom do not understand they are in a war without bloodshed against an implacable enemy. The town hall meetings and Tea Party movement seem to indicate some folks are willing to acknowledge, for now, a long standing declaration of war by the liberals. They must remain steadfast and only support leaders who have a genetic predisposition to freedom equivalent to the men who wrought the Miracle in Philadelphia.


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