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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

NY Times: Sarah Palin A Pro In A Suit -- Michelle Obama Knack For What Not To Wear

Cathy Horyn, fashion critic of the NY Times for over 10 years, wrote a nice piece comparing the style of Sarah Palin to Michelle Obama.  Naturally, Sarah Palin received high praise for her style or pro in a suit look while Michelle Obama was described as having a knack for selecting the wrong thing to wear. 

No surprises but the NY Times praising Sarah Palin? Cathy Horyn was the The Huffington Posts favorite fashion critic but praising Sarah Palin while dumping on Michelle Obama is high treason.      

Lots of working women who spend their own money for their clothes would identify with that. But I’ve been thinking about those women, and it seems to me that Sarah Palin, and not Mrs. Obama, is closer to how most of them dress.

I like the way she dresses. The straight skirt and white blouse, the trim jacket with an open neck and three-quarter sleeves — the look is clean, tailored and energetic. It’s businesslike without being boring, smart without being insider. You don’t need to read a fashion magazine to understand it. That was how Ms. Palin dressed on her book tour. And it’s the way a lot women would like to dress, and probably do, when they don’t have time or many choices and think that accessories always wind up looking prissy.  


A year ago, Ms. Palin was whacked for being a pretender in plushy clothes, and for not having the presence of mind to tell the McCain campaign handlers to buzz off. She may have needed some new clothes, and an update to her beehive, but Ms. Palin already looked great — a babe in jeans, a pro in a suit. As with many women her age, a well-tailored jacket did more for her than a closet full of designer clothes. How can you tell? Play a mental game of paper dolls and put one of Mrs. Obama’s printed or belted dresses on Ms. Palin. She looks frumpy.

Fashion is also context. And in the year since the industry placed its absurdly bright hopes on Mrs. Obama and her wardrobe, much has changed and dimmed.

What upset The Huffington Post was their favorite fashion critic’s observation that Sarah Palin dresses like most women while Michelle Obama is designer crazy, has a closets of fancy dresses and a knack for selecting the wrong thing to wear.  It is always nice to upset the liberals at Huff Post.  But more importantly, we have another example of the left realizing their is a lot more to Sarah Palin and a lot less about Obama and company.

Terry left a great comment on Yahoo Buzz: Sarah Palin is the real deal! She is not artificial, like almost everyone else in Washington. She is a real, red blooded American, not made up like O'Bama and Biden. This is why, the Rupuke's, Dumbo'crat's, and all of the elitist's are SCARED TO DEATH OF HER! Hell, even Oprah ask her if she was going to start her own talk show!!! Sarah is beautiful, polished, and dresses to a "t"!!! Hello there American women... act and dress more like Sarah, and maybe we would get married. Beauty, brains, and class...that is what we want. A true partner, both in and out of the home. A person that we can be proud of, not a whining liberal !!

Full NY Times Article:

Huffington Post Response:


  1. Great article, and utterly TRUE!! Love Palin's look! Michelle looks... ugh... while obviously thinking she looks great. Always exposing her arms, which she feels is her best asset. WRONG! Show some class, and cover the arms, FOOL!

  2. Sarah Palin has no equals in Policy, Honor, Courage and Love of America. You can also add Fashion to that. She is Beautiful and Professional; Intelligent and Classy. America on 1/20/2013 will have a President that makes us proud.


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