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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Canada Free Press: The Left “Why is she popular? This is Sarah Palin, not Barack Obama, why”?

A Great Article from the superb Canada Free Press by Jim Byrd: Why Does Sarah Palin Get So Much Media Attention? 
The Left, since the release of Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, and its million plus sales in a matter of weeks, have been wandering the streets in a benighted stupor, tugging at their unkempt hair, and shrieking at whomever will listen with their question of “why”? “Why is she popular, why is she on television, why is she on magazine covers, why, why, why?” “This is Sarah Palin, not Barack Obama, why?”

Despite the equitably challenged mainstream media’s shilling Barack Obama like snake-oil out the back of a mountebank’s wagon, and the very same media’s non-stop offensive on Sarah Palin, the latest Rasmussen poll finds that 51% have a favorable view of Sarah Palin while 43% have an unfavorable view, vis a vis Obama’s 49% favorable and 51% unfavorable. How accurate are these numbers in actuality, when almost the entirety of the media—print and television—dominate their coverage with fawning accolades about Obama, and when Sarah Palin is mentioned, she is an uneducated and unsavory hick? Why are Obama’s numbers dropping like the blood pressure of a Buddhist Monk in meditation, and Palin’s numbers rising faster than Nancy Pelosi’s botoxed eyebrows? If the 2008 presidential election were held today, Obama would lose to any unnamed Republican opponent. A Rasmussen survey finds that only 45% of adults would be a least somewhat likely to vote for Obama if he was up for re-election right now, while 4% would not vote for him, without naming an opponent. This is why Sarah Palin gets so much media attention. Sarah Palin B+, Barack Obama, F.


Sarah Palin has been accused of not being able form a coherent sentence. Barack Obama, on the other hand, has uttered these nuggets of coherency:
“From the discussions we had, it’s clear that we are on the precipice [sic] of an achievement that’s eluded Congresses and presidents for generations.”
“It’s like — it was like Special Olympics, or something.”
“In case you missed it, this week, there was a tragedy in Kansas. Ten thousand people died — an entire town destroyed.” The actual death toll was 12.
“I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.”
“Because of Selma, they got together (his parents), and Barack Obama Jr. was born.” ;Obama was born in 1961. The Selma march took place in 1965
“I didn’t want to get into a Nancy Reagan thing about doing any séances.”
Sarah Palin’s sentences sure do seem to be coherent as of late, Obama, not so much. This is why Sarah Palin gets so much media attention. Sarah Palin, B+, Barack Obama, F


Sarah Palin gets media attention because, currently, she is very relevant. She is popular. She has a voice. The Left’s obsessive fascination with Sarah Palin is also a contributing factor for her media attention. When one is as hated, despised, and feared as Sarah Palin is by the Left, and driven into a frenzy by jealousy, one could expect to be front-paged every day. So B+ for Sarah Palin.
Jim Byrd nails it.  The LameStreamMedia sold millions of gullible and naive Americas: Obama genius/savior and Palin dumb.  In reality Obama is the slow-witted ignoramus and Sarah Palin the smart one.  Obama is a disaster because every decision he has made has NOT been based on what is best for America but on politics.

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  1. To anyone who leaves a negative comment:

    YOU VOTED FOR THE DISASTER OBAMA. Your amazing ability to judge a persons character and incredible insight brought you to a slow-witted stuttering embarrassment. SO TIME TO SHUT-UP!!!!!!

  2. Sara, like most Americans would rather be out hunting, fishing or taking her children to soccer camp rather than being involved in politics!

    This is why Americans in general love this woman. She is sacrificing because she believes our political process is broken and wants to fix it!


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