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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sarah Palins Thanksgiving Day Plans: Raise Funds For The Red Cross

Richland, WA — Sarah Palin is taking a Thanksgiving break from her book tour to spend time with family in Washington and join a 5K run to benefit the Red Cross.
Palin detailed her plans Wednesday on Twitter:

“Leaving Florida to meet family from Texas/Alaska/Washington. We run in Red Cross charity 5k race tmrrw in Richland b4 Thanksgiving dinner”  &  "Much 2 b thankful 4 as Americans, most free people on earth! More opportunity 4 happiness/health/prosperity thx to our liberating Constitution," 

About 25 Palin relatives had registered for the annual Turkey Trot on Thursday at Kennewick's Columbia Park, said Heather Filbin of the Benton-Franklin Chapter of the American Red Cross.  About 2,300 people had pre-registered, with 3,000 runners expected to take part in the fundraiser.
Palin plans to have dinner at the Richland home of her aunt Katie Johnson, a sister of Palin's mother.  She intends to resume her book tour Sunday, signing copies of "Going Rogue" at a book store in Richland. Palin's grandparents, Clem and Helen Sheeran, came to Richland in 1943 so he could work at the Hanford nuclear reservation.

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