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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Calling All To Give To SarahPac: Sarah Palin’s Facebook Hits 1 Million

The moment as arrived, Sarah Palin’s Facebook fans has hit a million.  I am asking everyone that is tired of the poisonous Main Stream Media running the show to give at least 10 dollars to SarahPac.  
If you were appalled, as I was, at watching the media propel the disaster Obama into The White House and then to see them continue to blindly support him, at our own peril, you will give at least a little to SarahPac.
I firmly believe the media is a greatest danger to America with the Environmentalists a close second.  A recent example, the media has perpetrated political correctness on America, since 9/11, and allowed the muslim terrorist to kill 13 of our finest at Ft. Hood.  Never mind getting the Jew & American hating communist elected.  

It can also be argued that the Environmentalist are even worse.  Who do you think funds radical islam?  We do!  Environmentalist have prevented America from building more nuclear power plants and keep us from increasing our use of our very own fossil fuels.  Basically, forcing America to send trillions of dollars to the Middle East enabling the crazy bastards to act out against America and the West.  We have been directly funding the Death Cult they call Islam thanks to the Environmentalist.  One thing is for sure, not all muslims are jhadist but ALL jhadist are muslim.   

So I ask everyone again please give a little to SarahPac.  Even if she is not your first choice she will support all true conservatives.  She is and will be the person to fix the mess Obama is making.  Sarah Palin not only walks-the-walk but loves America, loves her family, loves our soldiers and has proven track record of Executive Experience.
If you donate 100 dollars or more you will get a free SIGNED copy of Going Rogue: An American Life. 

Please Give At:

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