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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pre-Order Sarah Palin’s ‘Going Rogue: An American Life’ Plus A Few Pre-Reviews

Sarah Palin burst onto the political scene at the height of the 2008 presidential campaign and overnight became a national sensation. Adored by the right, bitterly reviled by the left, she is the most polarizing figure to emerge in American politics in decades. Yet for all the dirt digging and gossip that has surrounded her, very little is actually known about who she is, what she believes, and above all, about her plans for the future. In her new book, Sarah Palin tells the story of her Alaskan upbringing, her marriage and family life, her political career, her religious beliefs, and her meteoric rise to national prominence. With her customary blunt common sense, she sets the record straight about the many myths and lies that have been spun around her and lays out her vision for an America that is strong, independent, and free.

The WSJ:
The book, which will be published on November 17, was a crash project. Ms. Palin actually moved temporarily to San Diego after she resigned the governorship in July so she could be close to her collaborator, Lynn Vincent. I bumped into Ms. Vincent, a former editor at the Christian-oriented World magazine, in New York a few weeks ago, where she had parked herself in a hotel close to the offices of HarperCollins while working on the book’s final edits.

Ms. Vincent didn’t reveal any details about the book, but did acknowledge it will describe Ms. Palin’s frustration over her treatment by the staffers she inherited from the McCain campaign after her surprise pick as the GOP vice presidential nominee last year. Ms. Palin was booked on grueling interviews with hostile reporters while talk-show hosts such as Glenn Beck couldn’t even get through to her aides. Mr. Beck tells me he was stunned when he picked up the phone one day just before the election to discover Sarah Palin was on the other end of the line. “She explained that she had been blocked from reaching her audience, so she was now ‘going rogue’ and booking her own interviews,” Mr. Beck told me. “I was thrilled she had burst out of the cage they’d built for her and we were finally talking.”
That incident was the only time Ms. Palin declared her independence from her keepers, and it’s fitting that the title of her upcoming book will be “Going Rogue: An American Life.”

An Early Prediction From C Brooks Kurtz:
I’d put odds on it that the reviewer for The New York Times Review of Books, Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich and assorted others have already written their review of Going Rogue, but I’d lose my ass in the process. Ergo, no odds. Always curious when the NYT gets an interest in a book destined to atop its best-seller list. Mark Levin, whose Liberty and Tyranny just passed the million-sales mark, still has yet to be reviewed at the Old Gray Whatsherface, just as Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption, also atop the list, has yet to be reviewed.  Somehow, methinks Palin’s effort will get a bit more attention.

Sarah Palin’s publisher announced yesterday that her 400+ page book will be released on 11.17.09 rather than Spring ’10 as was the original goal. I eagerly anticipate reading the book, and the thermonuclear fallout that will accompany it. For the next 40 odd days, I’m sure David Letterman is putting His Best Man On It in regards to the inevitable “Top 10 Revelations in Sarah Palin’s New Book.” References to moose, Levi Johnston, Willow Palin, Todd, Russia and pit bulls should be copious. Maybe they can juxtapose a Roman Polanski child-rape joke in there for good measure. I won’t be surprised if the entire week’s Top 10s aren’t dedicated to the Palin theme.


Then, I suspect, once the dust settles and once all the mockery has settled down, Americans will begin finishing Palin’s book, and if it’s anything like every other thing Palin has done in the last year, it will be electrifying for some, infuriating for others, and I suspect by Christmas it will be clear whether or not Palin is running for POTUS. The initial run of 1.5 million is ambitious, but I imagine a second-printing will be ordered within days of the first, especially once the book starts getting play on talk radio, which is inevitably will.


The question about Palin is this: do The Medea (sic) hate her because of what she stands for, or for how effortlessly and brutally she rhetorically guts TDL every time she chooses to? I’ve thought of this often over the past year, and I’m coming to believe that it’s the latter, that her splendid rhetorical assaults on TDL are seen by the East Coast Medea types as assaults on them, as they see nothing if not themselves in their arisen, anointed Leader, so to have some field-dressing Alaskan eviscerating him every time she pens a piece on Facebook is unacceptable, hell, it’s unconscionable!

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