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Friday, August 14, 2009

NBC: Governor Palin Still A Superstar

Robert A George of Bay Area NBC wrote a great piece on the power of Governor Palin. Here is part of the aricle:

Palin's declaration that the end-of-life-counseling procedures in at least one of the Democratic health-care bills amounted to a "death panel" elicited outrage from all corners. Blatantly using her special-needs son Trig as an example of someone that the new health order might ignore appalled even more.

But Palin refused to back down.

Then a funny thing happened: Democrats were forced to explain that there wasn't any "death panel" language in these bills. Rule Number One in politics: If you're explaining, you're losing. Headlines that say "Democrats deny existence of 'death panels'" constitute a "win" for those opposed to reform efforts. Indeed, the denial actually helps repeat the charge that opponents have introduced into debate.

Another funny thing happened: Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), hardly a raving right-winger essentially gave Palin some back-up: Considering that Grassley was part of the bipartisan group in the Senate working on a bill, his words carried a lot of weight. He's not as easily dismissible as Mrs. Palin.

In any event, despite howls from the press about the non-existence of the "death panels," the Senate Finance Committee announced that it was stripping out language in its own bill related to "advance-care planning consultations." That it happened reflects how much the White House and Democrats have lost the message battle over health-care.

None of this would have occurred were it not for Sarah Palin.

Of the possible 2012 GOP candidates, she's the one who managed to introduce a meme that helped keep the "reform" side completely off-balance. Anyone heard something similar from Huckabee or Pawlenty or Romney? Palin has been the one to tap perfectly into the aggressive nature expressed in town halls across the country.

Obviously, she's no longer in office; she's no longer a governor. If the healthcare debate is any indication, she doesn't need the platform of being governor to get media coverage and get her own message out..

Hate Sarah Palin as much as you please. She's not going anywhere, folks. And she may be more successful than either detractors or supporters might have ever guessed.

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  1. •Sec. 123, Pg. 30 - THERE WILL BE A GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE deciding what treatments and benefits you get"
    This is taken from HR 3200. Synonym for
    "COMMITTEE" was earnestly put forward as "PANEL." I agree with this 100%
    Now why is this a "DEATH" sentence for Trip Palin and the elederly (her parents) and even myself?
    Well consider the members of the panel. Dr.Ezikiel Emmanuel better known to his rommmates at the WHITE HOUSE as ZEKE is a memeber /advisor.
    Give me a break if you do not think ZEKIE may be a Eugeniscist who sounds more like a Dr Frankenstein than a Dr.Welby.
    Keep playing with the "elders" and then tell me how that is working out for you?

  2. TRIG PALIN sorry---not Trip .


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