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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ms Maureen Dowd: 60, Post-Menopausal, Childless & Desires Palin

Aging Maureen Dowd cannot seem to help herself when it comes to Governor Palin. It was first thought of as irrational envy. You have a strong, intelligent, attractive, self-made, non-Ivy League educated, happily married, mother of five verse a wrinkled old shrew. Her continued attacks are more than comical and it seems she is now fixated on Governor Palin.

Mark Finkelstein, of NewsBusters, describes Maureen Dowd quite accurately:

Nothing like a presidential assassination metaphor to spice up an otherwise insipid Sunday column . . .

Churning out yet another anti-Sarah screed, Dowd descended to this today [emphasis added]:

"At the moment, what she wants to do is tap into her visceral talent for aerial-shooting her favorite human prey: cerebral Ivy League Democrats.

Just as she was able to stir up the mob against Barack Obama on the trail, now she is fanning the flames against another Harvard smarty-pants — Dr. Zeke Emanuel, a White House health care adviser and the older brother of Dead-Fish Rahmbo."

Ms Maureen Dowd 25 Years Ago With A Functioning Uterus

So Sarah wants to shoot the brother of Pres.
Obama's chief of staff, along with the president himself. Per Dowd, they're nothing but "human prey" to Palin.

Demonstrating that she is as clueless as she is reckless, Dowd dings Palin for using Facebook to advocate against anti-ObamaCare. Maureen mocks Facebook as "a forum . . . more commonly used by kids hooking up and cyberstalking."

So Maureen, who are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Rahm Emanuel or . . . you yourself, hooking up with or stalking?

Note: elitist Dowd also manages to condescend to average Americans. Are you opposed to PBO and his policies? You're nothing but a member of a pliable "mob”.

Governor Palin In A Hoody & Jeans 1 Month Ago

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